Do You Ever Feel Like Getting Into A Relationship, Then You Realize You’re Happier Single?

Do You Ever Feel Like Getting Into A Relationship, Then You Realize You're Happier Single?


It does happen to quite a few people.

This is especially true if you have had bad relationships in the past or you are around people who are currently in bad relationships.

You instantly tell yourself that you don’t want to go back to that kind of relationship.

You remember how inattentive and selfish your partner was.

You remember how ungrateful she was when you did nice things for her.

You remember how callous she was in flirting with other guys right in front of you.

With all these memories flooding back into your consciousness, you realize that getting into a new relationship may not be that great of an idea.

You may even know of friends and family that are currently in difficult relationships.

Time and time again, you hear their complaints about their partners.

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He is so annoying.

He never listens to me.

She just wants to go shopping all day.

She is always complaining about her boss.

He is such a pig.

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He just cares about himself.

He never cleans up after himself.

She won’t stop bugging me about putting the seat down in the bathroom.

She says nasty things about me to her friends.

You hear all these complaints day in and day out.

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By the time you are by yourself and about to tuck yourself into bed, you are exhaling in relief that you didn’t fall into the trap of getting into a relationship.

With this many miserable couples, you would much rather stay single.

There is nothing wrong with staying single if you believe that it would work best for you.

However, you should never allow negative past experiences or all the negativity that you hear from friends and family to affect your decision.

When you decide to just stay single because of all of the negativity that you have experienced or continue to witness among those you know, you make a prejudgment on yourself.

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You can’t do that.

Dating is always a risk but it is a worthwhile risk if you truly want to be with someone.

You have to understand that dating is part of the process that ultimately leads you to the person that will work best for you.

That person will not be perfect.

That person will have flaws.

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The relationship won’t always be stress-free.

However, that is part of the fun.

So much of life is about experiences and how those experiences better us as people.

When you learn from past experiences, you are more equipped to make better choices in your future partners.

When you learn from the mistakes that your friends and family are making in partners, you are able to make better choices in your future partners.

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It doesn’t mean that your next relationship will be the one that works.

You may still have to go through a few more relationships to get to the one that works best for you.

However, you do get there eventually, as long as you are willing to be prudent in your choices and realistic in your outlook.

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