Why Hasn’t She Messaged Or Called?

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Why Hasn't She Messaged Or Called?

She may have lost interest in you.

This is more evident if it has been at least 3 or more days since you heard from her.

If you were the one who initially called or messaged her and she hasn’t responded, there is a good chance that she isn’t interested in doing so.

She most likely received your message.

There is a reason why she has chosen not to respond.

She has the ability to do so if she really wanted to.

She has certainly been corresponding with other friends and family during that time.

So we know that she has the time to get back with people that are important in her life.

However, she is not getting back with you.

Now, the temptation on your part would be to send her another message or call.

You should not get tempted to do this too soon.

Sometimes, a girl will actually test a guy by not responding to his message or phone call for a few days to see if he will freak out and start blowing up her phone with more messages.

Once the guy falls into this trap, he has completely turned the girl off.

You have given her a major reason not to respond to you.

Try not to lose your composure at this time.

Go out and hang out with your friends.

Get involved in your hobbies.

Get active in your community.

Focus on what you have to get done at work or at school.

The idea is to find ways to keep yourself busy so that you aren’t constantly thinking about this girl and why she hasn’t called or messaged you back.

You don’t want to allow your mind to get overwhelmed with those thoughts because they will eventually compel you to do something that you may regret.

You may be tempted to send that second message too soon and your mind will find ways to justify it.

This is the last thing that you should do at this time.

Keep yourself busy doing other things at this time so that you aren’t thinking about her so much.

There is a chance that she will message you back within the week.

If she hasn’t messaged you within the week, there is a very good chance that she is not interested in you.

This is where you have license to send her one more message if you still want to connect with this girl.

Then you will have to leave it at that.

If she still doesn’t respond to your second message, she is most definitely not interested.

If this is a situation where you gave this girl your contact information and she is yet to contact you, she may have not been interested in you but showed interest at the time because she was being polite.

On the flip side, she may have been interested in you at the time but has since realized that she didn’t like you that much to actually initiate contact with you.

Again, you should at least give it 3 days to a week.

If by the end of a full week, you haven’t heard from her, she is most likely not interested in you.

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