We’ve Been Dating Two Months And I’m Starting To Fall For Him. Does He Have Feelings For Me?

As long as he has shown a consistency in communication and in taking you out on dates, he is developing feelings for you too.

We've Been Dating Two Months And I'm Starting To Fall For Him. Does He Have Feelings For Me?Feelings develop between a pair when a good amount of time has transpired in dating.

Two months is a sufficient amount of time for feelings to develop between two people.

It all comes down to how consistent the interaction has been.

This being said, don’t get too carried away with how you are feeling.

Let the relationship unfold naturally.

It is easy to get caught up in wondering where everything is leading.

You visualize how it is going to turn out in your relationship.

This vision makes you happy or anxious.

This is when you are creating fantasies of a reality that doesn’t exist.

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Unfortunately, you lose focus and get lost in what your mind is showing you, or where it is leading.

This is why you have to remain level-headed at this time and refrain from questions that cloud your mind.

He has feelings for you when he is opening up to you by letting you know about him.

He is letting you into his life in ways that make you feel like you are experiencing something special.

He is introducing you to his friends and family, taking you on weekend trips and excursions.

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This is where he is doing everything he can to make you laugh or put a smile on your face, even when you aren’t in a good mood.

He keeps asking you questions about yourself, attempting to get to know you better as a person.

These are all signs that he is developing feelings for you.

As long as he is consistent with this behavior, he is showing that you are not someone that he is taking lightly.

It has been two months and he is still this interested in you and open with you.

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This is a great sign.

Don’t get ahead of yourself though.

People get ahead of themselves in situations like this far too often.

This is when they are constantly badgering the guy about how he feels about them.

They get jealous frequently, and spout words to make him feel bad for having missed out on one day of communicating with them.

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Complaints about not getting enough affection, compliments, and attention abound.

You see how this gets out of hand?

You become so much more demanding than you would have been if you had allowed the relationship to flow and grow naturally.

Unfortunately, this pushes the guy away eventually, and you lose out on what had the potential to be an amazing relationship.

You don’t want to be that person.

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Take this slow and steady, and give the relationship the leeway to keep growing naturally.

If it continues to move forward, he feels increasingly comfortable around you.

This makes you a special person to him, and it doesn’t take long before he falls for you wholeheartedly.

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