Why Do Girls Always Ghost Me?

Why Do Girls Always Ghost Me?

Girls get the perception you are trying too hard or being too eager.

They ghost you, worried that you are moving too fast, trying too hard to impress them.

When a guy is putting out this kind of effort, it can make many girls wonder about his life and how full it is.

They get worried that you are the kind of guy who would hang on to them and not have a life of your own if they were to date you.

This can be a major turn off for girls.

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There is clearly a pattern here and you have to get to the bottom of it in order to fix it.

Think about the way you interact with girls.

Do you often become too overbearing once you have gotten comfortable communicating with a girl?

You don’t realize you do this.

This is why you should take a few moments and think this through.

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Have you often found yourself constantly trying to get a particular girl to go out on a date with you?

Have you often found yourself unable to take a hint when she tells you that she is busy and yet you keep trying?

This kind of attitude is what often permeates into your interaction with other girls.

They can sense that you get too excited when you meet a girl you like.

Your past failures with girls who have ghosted you will also become evident to them in the way you behave.

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Due to those past failures you overcompensate, not wanting yet another girl to ghost you.

You try even harder with her, barraging her with compliments and constantly making yourself available to her in every way.

Whenever she wants to talk, you are there.

Whenever she wants a shoulder to cry on, you are there.

If her plans have fallen through and she needs company to pass the time, you drop your own plans and make yourself available.

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You believe that doing all of this makes you appear to be a good catch.

A girl can read this as a guy showing how much he is overcompensating for past failures with girls, or a guy being too eager.

They keep you around a while, but eventually gets tired of this behavior and ghosts you.

You see, there is no challenge for them.

There is no sense of intrigue or mystery.

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They already know what you are all about from the start.

This doesn’t give them any motivation to want to get to know you more or have experiences with you that could lead to a relationship.

You are too predictable.

They lose interest and ghost you.

Does any of this sound like you?

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Time to correct your behavior.

Have your own life with your own interests and avoid making yourself always available to her.

Develop an independent streak and a backbone.

This is what prevents you from getting ghosted by girls in the future.


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