Should You Tell A Girl How You Feel If You Have No Idea If She Likes You Back?

Should You Tell A Girl How You Feel If You Have No Idea If She Likes You Back?

You should.

She may like you or she may not.

However, by telling her how you feel, you would let her know where you stand.

A good number of girls tend to be shy.

You may believe that she may not like you because of how she has been behaving.

However, this doesn’t mean that she isn’t secretly hoping that you ask her out.

You will need to make a move in order to find out for sure.

Most girls aren’t going to make that first move.

They may try to show you hints that they like you through how they talk to you or their body language but most of them aren’t going to come right out and tell you how they feel about you.

This is why you will have to be the one to make this move if you truly like this girl.

I know that you may be worried that she doesn’t like you.

You may be worried that she will give you a bad look or respond to you in a negative way but you really need to get rid of this fear.

This fear may be what is holding you back.

The moment you allow fear to become a factor in how you proceed with this girl is the moment you may begin to talk yourself out of what needs to be done.

Unfortunately, this is the problem that so many guys in your position find themselves in.

They get into analysis paralysis.

You essentially start analyzing so much that you end up not doing anything.

You actually find a way through all of this analysis to convince yourself that you should opt out of telling her how you feel or asking her out.

Unfortunately, this tends to lead to regret because you will always wonder what could have been.

Wondering what could have been is a much worse position to be in than having told her how you felt about her and being told that she didn’t feel the same way.

This may be also what is holding you back.

You may be worried that she will reject you.

Do understand that even if she were to reject, it doesn’t mean that you are undesirable.

Everyone has their tastes in who they are looking for to date.

Those tastes vary.

You may simply not be her type.

This doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t appeal to someone else.

She may also not be ready to start dating anyone at this time.

This means that if she were to tell you no, she would have told every other guy that came her way the same thing.

The point here is that you can’t allow the fear of rejection to stop you.

Something you should really avoid doing is making assumptions.

Assumptions are so dangerous because they can make you believe something that has been totally created in your own head and have no basis in truth.

You may assume that she would respond in a certain way when in fact you have no idea how she would have reacted.

Don’t fall into that trap.

Tell her how you feel.

Keep it short and simple.

From there, let it all lead wherever it will.


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