Do You Need A Partner In Your Life To Be Happy Or Are You Happy Being Single?

Do You Need A Partner In Your Life To Be Happy Or Are You Happy Being Single?Some people don’t need a partner in their lives to be happy.

They know that they are able to live life to the fullest or on their own terms without having to cater to the needs of a partner and would rather have and keep it that way.

For a person like this, they don’t need that partner to be happy in their life.

The mistake though that some people make is that they tell themselves that they are perfectly capable of being happy without a partner and that they don’t need one after having come to this conclusion based on a past relationship that went bad.

Perhaps they were severely hurt by this relationship or they were betrayed.

Soon after this, they tell themselves that they don’t need a partner.

This would be the wrong approach to this.

They made this decision based on emotion and depression.

Their minds essentially went to the easiest place in order to help them deal with the pain of their previous relationship.

That place would be where they tell themselves that they don’t need a partner.

It is like a defense mechanism.

Being that they were hurt so badly in that prior relationship, they instantly tell themselves they don’t need anyone because it is a way to avoid putting themselves in that position again.

They don’t want to be that vulnerable again.

They don’t want to experience that kind of pain again.

Hence, the mind does what it will typically do in a situation like this.

It will try to protect you.

It goes to the place where it knows that it can save you the most amount of pain.

It will become defensive.

The problem with people who come to the decision that they don’t need a partner in their lives to be happy based on this past experience is that they are not typically being honest with themselves.

They didn’t make this decision in a clear-headed way.

They made it due to grief.

In all honesty, they may not want to be alone.

They may truly want to be with a partner.

So, it is important that you don’t come to the conclusion that you don’t need a partner based on a bad prior relationship and how that affected you.

You will only come to be miserable anyway, even if you tried to live without a partner because that wouldn’t be true to the kind of person you are.

You should be true to you.

Yes, it is possible to be happy being single.

If one has a life that they feel is fulfilling enough, they can be perfectly happy being single.

The key here is to understand what you truly want in your life.

Sometimes, it is best to be single if you feel that there are issues that you still have to deal with as a person.

This way you don’t make the mistake of unloading all of your issues on an unsuspecting partner if you were to get into a relationship.

Other times, it is good to have a partner because they can be a counter balance to your own life.

It all just depends on what works for you.

As long as you are happy within, you can go without a partner if you choose or you can mix it up.

However, you should never lie to yourself about what you truly want.

If what you truly want is a partner in life, you should start moving toward that goal as opposed to trying to convince yourself that you can do without a partner in your life.


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