Should I Trust My Feelings And Never Pursue Any Crush That I Might Have?

Should I Trust My Feelings And Never Pursue Any Crush That I Might Have?You shouldn’t allow your experience so far to get the better of your rational judgment.

You may be trying to justify why you have such bad luck with your crushes.

In reaction to it, you make yourself believe that your feelings of despair and sadness are true.

You make yourself believe that you should never pursue any crush that you might have in the future.

This is how you are reacting to disappointment over your last crush or your last several crushes.

The failure of those relationships should not be used to justify why you should now begin to guard your feelings.

Your feelings can be deceiving because they are being fueled by emotion.

That emotion is disappointment.

Your mind is now trying to find ways to protect yourself from future disappointments.

You no longer want to experience the pain and frustration of it all.

This leads to a desire to stop trying, stop pursuing and just give up.

This is not the right kind of attitude to have.

In life, there are going to be disappointments. Everything is not always going to turn out the way you want.

What makes all of this so interesting is that it is through these failed experiences that you can learn and grow as a person, as well as in your future relationships.

Instead of placing all your focus on how you can go about protecting yourself from being hurt in the future by not pursuing a crush that ends in disappointment, focus on how you can learn from your past experiences.

Perhaps there is a particular way in which you romance a crush that hasn’t worked and yet you keep doing it.

It may be the topics you choose to talk about in conversation or the places you choose to go with this crush.

It may be the people you tend to put this crush around or the way in which you use your body language to convey romance.

You may have to start making some changes to all or some of this in order to start having different results.

This is a big part of what life is all about.

Learning from your past experiences and making adjustments accordingly enables you to grow as a person and in your relationships.

This is why you need to have an objective eye and avoid getting so overwhelmed by your current feelings.

You do want romance in your life at some point don’t you?

Well, you need to become proactive in being the best person you can be and learning from your past experiences in order to facilitate this.

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes or even picking the wrong person to have a crush on.

This is all part of the learning process of life.

You have to take these mistakes or missteps and make the most of them by learning from them.

This is what your focus should be on.

If all you do is react to this situation by believing that your feelings are true and you should simply not pursue any crush that you might have in the future, you will make yourself miserable.

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