I Refuse To Settle For Less And I’ve Been Single For A Few Years. Am I Doing This Wrong?

Ask yourself about what settling for less is, and you have your answer on whether you are doing this wrong.

I Refuse To Settle For Less And I've Been Single For A Few Years. Am I Doing This Wrong?Your refusal to settle for less needs to be brought into perspective.

What you believe to be settling for less is not always bad for you.

As you grow as a person, your needs change.

When you get stuck on what you drew up as a list of requirements in a partner from a few years ago, out of a stubbornness to stick to your guns, you are the one who is setting yourself up for failure.

There is a reason why you’ve been single for a few years.

You haven’t found whatever or whoever it is that meets everything that you are looking for in a person.

Clearly, the reality of what it is that you want is not that easy to attain.

This is not necessarily about you having to curtail what it is that you want, or deny yourself of what it is that you want.

This is more so about asking yourself whether at this stage in your life, meeting someone who fulfills all the requirements in a person that you had set up a few years ago is still warranted.

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Is there somewhere within your list of requirements that is adjustable or changeable?

This isn’t unrealistic, given that over the years you have grown as a person and reached a place where that requirement is not as critical.

This is why it is so important that you make an assessment of your life as it stands, so as to determine whether you have changed as a person.

Have you made progress in certain areas?

Have you matured?

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Have you developed better habits, having let go of the negative ones.

What have you learned about life?

Has your perspective on specific viewpoints changed?

These are all questions that people who stay single for years fail to ask themselves.

They erroneously believe that they remain the exact person that they were a few years ago, when in fact several facets of their lifestyles and personalities have since changed.

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In making this assessment of yourself, and discovering that you have since changed, it’s time to make the necessary adjustments in what you are looking for in a partner.

You are going to surprise yourself when you realize that you have grown as a person in the last few years that you have been single.

On the contrary, should you make this life assessment and learn that you haven’t changed in any aspect, and you still want the exact same qualities in a partner that you did a few years ago, ask yourself whether you are surrounding yourself with the right people.

If there is a specific type of partner that you want to be with, and yet, you surround yourself with people who are the complete opposite of that, it is a lot harder to meet that partner.

To improve the odds of meeting the right person for you, put yourself in environments where your ideal partner frequents.

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Don’t sit back and expect your partner to come to you or magically appear at your doorstep.

Be proactive in finding the right person for you by taking relevant and consistent action.

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