Does The Rebound Girl Win?

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Does The Rebound Girl Win?


The problem with being the rebound girl is that your partner didn’t come to you and date you because he had spent a good amount of time around you and had come to really like you as a person.

He came to you based on a deficiency in his own life that he was trying to wipe away.

He was trying to wipe away that deficiency as quickly as he could.

He didn’t want to face his issues head on.

Instead, he wanted to sweep them under the rug and use you as a buffer of sorts.

In doing this, he didn’t approach his relationship with you in a sincere way.

He came at it through desperation and fear.

He came at it through the scope of trying to forget or trying to tell himself that he doesn’t have to deal with whatever emotional issues his previous relationship caused.

Hence, under these conditions, it is unlikely that you as the rebound girl will win because all you really are is a temporary replacement and fix.

It is like you are a small band aid on a wound that is sure to continue bleeding out.

Being the rebound girl means that your own emotional needs take a backseat to his.

He got into a relationship with you in the first place because of what you could do for him as far as covering up his emotional turmoil was concerned.

Hence, it would be unlikely that your own emotional needs will matter all that much to him.

The danger for you here is that you may tell yourself that once he really gets to know you, he will fall in love with you and you will win.

Well, he never got into a relationship with you because of your dazzling personality.

He got into it in order to either cover up his emotional pain from his previous relationship and thereby not have to deal with it or because he simply didn’t want to be alone at this time and you were an easy target.

Hence, your personality may be the last of his concerns.

Again, you are simply a filler at this time until he can figure out where he wants to go in his life and who with.

It would most likely not be with you.

In fact, being that you are a rebound, there is a good chance that if his ex that he only recently broke up with were to come back into his life all of a sudden, you will be put on the back burner.

Being that you are only a rebound girl, your level of importance is irrelevant and thereby it would be a lot easier for him to go right back to his ex.

If you choose to continue being the rebound girl, you really have to be careful about your emotions.

You will most likely start falling for this guy the longer that you are with him and he will most likely not be willing or able to return your affections.

This can be difficult to accept but it should be heeded.

If you were to allow yourself to fall for this person, you could end up seriously getting hurt, as your fruitless attempts to get him to return your affection are met with nonchalance and even anger.

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