I Like His Personality But I’m Not Physically Attracted. Should I Go On A Date With Him?

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I Like His Personality But I'm Not Physically Attracted. Should I Go On A Date With Him?


If you like his personality but you aren’t physically attracted to him, you would find it difficult to want to be with him as a romantic partner.

In essence, you have been around him enough to know how you feel about him as a person.

You do like his personality.

However, there is still that persistent issue about attraction.

You are still not physically attracted to him.

It is unlikely that this will change simply because you go on a date with him.

A date isn’t a magic wand that will suddenly change everything.

Yes, you get to learn more about each other and possibly even do a fun activity together on the date.

However, his looks aren’t suddenly going to change because you are on a date with him.

By the end of the date, he will still look the same.

In other words, his physical appearance isn’t going to change one iota.

You may be considering going on this date because there may be a part of you that hopes that if you were to go to it, at some point during the course of the date, you may become physically attracted to him.

Well, again, his physical appearance isn’t going to change by the end of the date.

His personality is most likely not going to change either.

He will still be the same guy you knew before the date.

He will still have the personality that you like but the looks that you aren’t attracted to.

It would be unfair to him and even you to go to this date as some kind of experiment.

You don’t want to waste his time and yours.

There is a reason why you aren’t attracted to him.

You have already experienced his personality and that wasn’t enough to get you to become attracted to him.

It is unlikely that spending a few extra hours with him on this date will make much of a difference.

It would be a waste of your time.

Again, you would just be getting more of the personality that you are already familiar with.

Now, it would be different if you are typically the kind of person who tends to fall for personality and not looks.

In other words, you have had a history of getting into relationships with people who you didn’t initially find attractive but you were drawn to their personality.

If you have had romantic relationships like this in the past, then there may be a chance that you may come to be attracted to this guy simply based on his personality over time.

However, if you don’t have a history of getting into these types of relationships, you are better off not going on this date with this guy.

Again, you would be hoping for attraction to magically appear and that would be unwise.

If there is absolutely no physical attraction to this guy right now, even after having learned enough about him to like his personality, it is unlikely that attraction will happen during the date.

By erroneously going on this date, you would only be delaying the inevitable disappointment for both parties.

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