How Do You Make A Guy Fall In Love With You?

How Do You Make A Guy Fall In Love With You?

A good way to make a guy fall in love with you is to make him feel like you are someone indispensable.

Essentially, you make him feel like you are a person that he just wants to be around a majority of the time.

One of the best ways to make him feel this way is to be really game and open to what he really enjoys doing.

Be willing to get dirty so to speak if need be.

If he is really into camping, sports or working on his project “car,” don’t be afraid to set up that tent with him, throw that free throw or get under the hood of that car.

In essence, be willing to do things with him that he is not used to other girls being willing to do.

When he notices that you are such a team player, he will begin to feel like you are indispensable.

When he is working on the hood of that car and you are not there, he will remember how fun you were the last time you were with him working on it.

When he is out in the woods setting up camp with his buddies, he will remember the last time he did that with you and how much fun you two had.

Memories can be powerful in this way.

When he is playing basketball with his buddies after work, he will remember that you were just going toe to toe with him a week earlier and even though he may or may not have beaten you, you were such a sport.

You will start crossing his mind more and more.

This is when you are beginning to become a central part of his daily thoughts.

Once you can begin to occupy this part of his brain, typically the frontal lobes, he is beginning the process of falling in love with you.

This is you making yourself indispensable to him.

You should also learn how to make a guy laugh.

Yes, laughter can make a guy fall in love.

It doesn’t matter if you say something funny or do something funny, just try to make him laugh as often as you can.

Some girls prefer one over the other or can do both.

A good way to make him laugh on a consistent basis is by exaggerating often.

To have an even more profound effect, you could couple this with trying to make him feel important or needed.

Perhaps you are trying to open a jar of something and you start play acting as though you are really struggling to open it.

You exaggerate your twisting motions in an animated way.

He is watching all of this amused at your struggle.

Finally, after laughing within or out loud, he comes to the rescue by taking that jar and opening it up.

You just made him laugh but also made him feel useful.

Guys love it when they feel like they are needed.

The more you make him laugh and feel needed, the more he realizes how good you make him feel.

Every time that he hears from you, he would be smiling either visually or subconsciously because he knows how good you make him feel.

On a bad day, he knows that you will cheer him up because you just may say something so funny to help him forget.

Even if it isn’t that funny, the effort alone may put him in a better mood.

These are some of the most effective ways to make a guy begin to feel like you are indispensable which ultimately opens him up to falling in love with you.

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