Will A Guy Distance Himself If He’s Been Hurt In The Past And Scared To Be Hurt Again?

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Will A Guy Distance Himself If He's Been Hurt In The Past And Scared To Be Hurt Again?Some guys may distance themselves if they’ve been hurt in the past and are scared to be hurt again.

This often happens when the memory of his past relationship is still relatively fresh.

In other words, he may have recently broken up with this person and there may still be feelings involved.

When there are still feelings involved, you will run into trouble.

He would still be thinking about that ex and may even want to get back together.

If that ex were to suddenly show up and want him back, he may be totally willing to give it another shot.

At this moment, his emotions are too strong.

He feels hurt for a reason.

When he feels hurt, he is actually indicating that his previous partner had a profound impact on him.

This means that he still has feelings for this past partner.

This is why you should avoid getting involved with this guy at this time.

If you were to get involved, you may find yourself in the middle of a very difficult situation.

This is the last thing you should want.

You should want a guy who is clear-headed.

You should want a guy who has moved on and is open to a new relationship.

This is not what you are currently dealing with.

I know that you may really like this guy.

You may want to be with him.

You may want to show him that he has nothing to fear by being with you.

However, understand that this is your desire talking.

This is your desire trying to get you to look past the giant elephant in the room.

The giant elephant in the room is this guy’s emotions.

Those emotions are profound.

The truth is that he may be distancing himself because of a past relationship that he hasn’t gotten over.

By so doing, he is indicating that he would not be emotionally available to you.

This isn’t the kind of relationship you should want to be in.

You would only get more and more stressed out.

Another reason why he may be distancing himself may be because he is simply not ready to be in any kind of relationship right now.

It may not necessarily be due to being hurt in a past relationship.

He may simply want to have some personal freedom at this time.

You may notice that he is really active in other endeavors.

He may have hobbies that he partakes in quite often.

He may have professional goals that he is striving for.

He may be focused on developing his relationships with friends and family.

He may even have a special project that he is working on.

In essence, he may not feel like he has the room in his life for a relationship at this time.

As a result, he distances himself.

He is not thinking about a relationship. He is thinking about other priorities.

He may entertain talking to you from time to time but he may not want to take it any further than that.

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