Why Am I Not Attracted To Anyone Anymore?

Why Am I Not Attracted To Anyone Anymore?

You may have had a really bad experience with a previous partner that has affected you in a negative way.

You may have tried to tell yourself that you weren’t affected by it or that you have recovered from it but you really never have.

Perhaps you thought that you would have a future with this person and unfortunately things didn’t turn out that way.

As a result of your experience, you now have a lack of trust in people and you have blocked them out from your circle of trust.

The only people that you have in this circle of trust are those that perhaps helped you get through that difficult break up.

You surround yourself with them to the extent that they become your safety net.

Your mind has told you that those are the only people that you can allow yourself to trust because they were there for you when you needed them the most.

This is how your mind can trick you into believing that there is no one out there that you can now trust.

Being that you don’t trust anyone outside of this circle, your mind consequently shuts itself out of being attracted to anyone.

You can’t really conceive of being attracted to anyone anymore because you can’t allow yourself to be hurt again.

Hence, your mind acts as a defense mechanism so that you can avoid the pain.

If all you are doing is trying to avoid hurt, you are going to be extremely cautious about who you allow yourself to be attracted to.

Being that you can’t really trust yourself to not make the same mistake again, you simply decide that you will not let anyone in.

After all, you let the last person in and they hurt you tremendously. You don’t want to make that mistake again.

Now you are not allowing yourself to be attracted to anyone anymore because there is a part of your psyche that is telling you that allowing yourself to do so would lead to the same kind of pain.

This is most likely what you are going through if your last relationship ended in a difficult break up and you are now experiencing these feelings.

Another reason why you are not attracted to anyone anymore could be that you don’t feel particularly attractive yourself.

You may be currently going through a period in your life where you just don’t feel all that physically appealing.

You may be stressed out over something or you may feel like you have gained weight.

You may have been insulted by a friend, colleague or family member and you have taken what they said so personally that you don’t feel attractive.

You may have tried to talk to someone that showed very little interest in you or simply rejected you outright.

When you feel unattractive about yourself, you will most likely start feeling less desire to be attracted to anyone around you.

You are essentially carrying the weight of a lack of self-esteem that has now seeped into your love life.

When you feel this unattractive, you don’t feel worthy of being with anyone. Hence, you find yourself unable to be attracted to anyone.


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