What To Do When You Are Thinking That You Are Not Ready To Date?

When you have to question whether you are ready to date, you aren’t.

What To Do When You Are Thinking That You Are Not Ready To Date?Sometimes, we are better off when we listen to our intuition.

There is a reason why you have this notion.

You aren’t mentally ready.

There are emotional issues you are grappling with.

You believe you aren’t financially ready to date, as you haven’t reached a certain level of accomplishment in life that warrants dating.

Regardless of what your reasoning is, there is clearly a problem.

Your best bet is to be honest with yourself and understand what it is that your mind and body is telling you.

Be cognizant of the probability that there is an area of deficiency in your life that you have to fix.

This is tricky.

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Oftentimes, this is a deficiency that isn’t so apparent, making it seem as though it doesn’t exist.

Everything in your life on the surface seems to be in good order.

You are “seemingly” emotionally available, and have financial security.

You have a social and career status that is exemplary and worthy.

With all this, you continue to question whether you are ready to date or not?

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In a scenario like this, this deficiency is what is holding you back.

The deficiency is fear.

You are worried that if you were to start dating, you are destined to fail.

It isn’t failure based on not having accomplishments or not being viable.

It is failure based on the feeling that you wouldn’t know how to make it work.

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You believe you would mess things up by saying something that turns the person off.

It is the fear that you haven’t done enough with your life, when clearly you have.

This is when you really enter an onerous and cautious territory.

You are essentially hampering yourself from dating for fear of failure, having become the judge and jury on your dating life before there has been an outcome.

When you approach dating in this fashion, you are making a poignant and egregious mistake.

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Eschew this.

You don’t know how the date will go nor how this person is going to react to you.

When you make a prejudgment, you block yourself from any future success in dating.

Is this what you want?

Do you want to set yourself up for failure even before you have gone on an actual date?

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If you want to date, this is not the approach you should take.

You are ready to date when you know that you are emotionally ready to take that leap.

Regardless of whether you believe you don’t have the status required for the date, who’s to say that you don’t?

You have no idea what your dating prospect looks for in a potential partner.

The danger of having all these assumptions of what you must have or be before entertaining the idea of dating someone, is that you end up dating no one.

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You get so caught up in all of the requirements that you have set for yourself, that you forget that your date has alternate ideas about what they look for in a mate.

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