Why Do I Feel Disgusted When A Guy Starts To Like Me?

Why Do I Feel Disgusted When A Guy Starts To Like Me?

You may not like yourself all that much.

It could be due to something negative that happened to you in your previous relationship.

It could even be due to negative experiences that you have had with guys your entire life.

There may be an element to your history that has made you look at guys and even yourself in a particularly negative fashion.

You will have to look back on your life and on your experiences.

There is a good chance that somewhere in there is a person who has experienced some negativity to the point where it has affected their outlook on life and relationships.

Do understand that oftentimes this kind of disgusted reaction also happens because you have created preconceived notions of what this guy may be like and what his motives may be.

Unfortunately, you have created these preconceived notions based on no substantive evidence or proof.

You only have your past to draw from and since this guy who has started to like you wasn’t a part of your past, you truly have nothing to realistically judge him with.

This is why you really need to be very careful when you allow this disgusted feeling to be what dominates your consciousness when you sense that a guy is starting to like you.

Remember that you actually don’t know where this guy is coming from.

He is not a guy from your past. He is a totally different person.

Being disgusted at him based on your past experiences or your history wouldn’t be fair on him and on yourself.

Another reason why you feel disgusted when a guy starts to like you is because you may have failed in the past in a romantic relationship that you believed would last forever.

Perhaps it wasn’t even your fault that the relationship ended. However, you have now used that experience as the example for how all future relationships will go.

People often do this after they have been through a particularly painful breakup in the past.

Due to the amount of pain that they experienced and an unwillingness to ever allow themselves to experience that pain again, they create a defense mechanism.

In your case, it would be to make yourself feel disgusted the moment you sense that a guy is starting to like you.

Once you feel that feeling of disgust, your mind automatically forces you to avoid allowing yourself to develop feelings for this guy because it would only lead to pain.

In essence, that feeling of disgust is a defense mechanism that makes you aware of what is going on and thereby encourages you to quickly put up your defenses.

This blocks your mind from getting emotionally involved with this guy and thereby you can keep your protective wall up.

Do understand that you would be judging a different guy.

Hence, your experience with this guy could be something completely different from what you may have experienced in a past relationship.

The sooner you allow yourself to open up to that possibility, the sooner you will allow yourself the opportunity to be in a romance with someone who may be the best person for you.

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