Is It Possible To Love Two People At The Same Time?

Is It Possible To Love Two People At The Same Time?


It does happen.

There are certain facets in one person that makes you love them.

There is a way that this person responds to your emotions and your way of thinking that makes you feel really connected to them.

Then, the other person that you love may have a set of completely different attributes that you also equally love.

They may appeal to another set of emotions that you have or they may even have a way of understanding you that only makes you crave them more.

In other words, it is possible to love two people at the same time because there may be a combination of similar and non-similar attributes about the both of them that appeal to you.

You may be at a place where you are getting certain emotional needs met by one of them but not all of your emotional needs.

The other person may be providing the extra that you need.

In other words, the other person that you love may be meeting some emotional needs that the other isn’t.

Hence, when you combine the two, you have a whole.

You are essentially getting all of your emotional needs met and thereby you feel more fulfilled.

This is truly something that does and can happen to people.

This is especially true when you are the type of person who loves to keep your options open as far as dating is concerned.

In other words, you enjoy talking to several people at once.

During this process, you may begin to narrow down your options until you have reached a couple of potential partners.

However, you hit a quagmire.

You are not quite sure of who to go with yet.

As a result, you continue to see the both of them and more time elapses.

As more time elapses, one would think that at some point, you would be able to tell which one you want to be with.

However, you are still having a hard time making that decision because both of these people may be appealing to different facets of your personality.

Unbeknownst to you, at some point, you simply fall in love with both of them.

You most likely didn’t see it coming.

You may have truly been holding out just so that you could make the right decision on who to go with as a partner.

However, so much time elapsed that your mind simply began to fall in love with both.

Now, you are in a dilemma.

What you have to ask yourself at this point is whether it would be best to keep going on like this or whether you should choose one or none of them now.

If you feel that you want to at least be with one of them, your best option in order to make a decision is to try to figure out which one of them would be the best option for your future.

Which one seems to be the closest as far as what you both want out of life and your level of connectivity?

Think really hard about this.

Recall specific moments where you have experienced real closeness with these individuals and a similitude in what you both want out of your futures.

The person who seems to have the most incidents of closeness to you may be the one you should go with.


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