Should I Go Out With Him Anyway?

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Should I Go Out With Him Anyway?

Ask yourself whether you feel genuine romantic interest for him and an openness to dating.

Sometimes, people go out with someone to avoid hurting them by saying no or they figure that it’s not that big of a deal.

It is a big deal to that person, particularly when they like you.

You have to figure out what your true feelings are.

Do you like this guy romantically?

Do you think about him often?

Reflect on this.

Are you attracted to him?

When you bring yourself to come to terms with what you are truly feeling, you know whether to go out with him.

There are no half measures.

You tell yourself that in time an attraction for him is certain to develop, however, this is not the safest bet.

Think about the consequences of going out with him without righteously being interested.

In the event that your lack of romantic interest never changes, what happens to him?

He has the impression that you are going out with him because you like him when you realistically don’t.

He calls, texts, writes you love poems , but they have no effect.

The more he tries to woo you, the less you like him romantically.

He tries too hard and you were never truly interested in the first place.

What ensues is a game of love and denial.

He loves.

You deny.

Back and forth you go.

Getting this far is needless.

All of this is prevented by showing candor from the outset.

Without this, he ends up developing feelings for you that you don’t feel back and it is much harder to get him out of your business at that stage.

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