Is He Still Into His Ex?

Is He Still Into His Ex?

He is still into his ex when he is still calling her or texting her on a regular basis and he is doing so behind your back.

He is still into his ex when you notice that he can’t help but talk about her on a regular basis.

He may not always be saying nice things about her but the mere fact that he keeps talking about her is normally a very strong sign that he is still into her.

Regardless of the fact that what he may say about her on a regular basis is negative, he is most likely doing that in order to convince himself that he doesn’t need her.

This is how it often is with exes who keep talking bad about each other.

He is still into his ex if you notice that he will compare you to her from time to time.

He may even say that you are better than she was at doing something in particular and thereby try to give you a compliment in the process.

However, he still compared you to his ex in some way.

Thereby, he is still thinking about his ex and is unable to detach himself from her.

You may even notice in moments like this that he may try to catch himself when he compares you to her.

He may instantly apologize as a result or even just come straight out and insult her as though it was her fault that he brought her up.

You will notice this kind of behavior as well.

Behavior where he just straight up insults his ex out of nowhere.

Perhaps he was doing something with you and just out of the blue he insults his ex who isn’t even there.

Comparing you to her and insulting her are very telltale signs that he is still into her.

It is a result of his brain trying to deal with her absence.

He is trying to convince himself that he is better off without her and thereby he reacts negatively to her or tries to belittle her by using insults.

He figures that by using insults he can put himself on a higher level than she is.

However, all he is doing is digging himself a bigger hole because at the end of the day, she still continues to enter his mind and he just doesn’t know how to deal with her loss.

Another way that you know that he is still into his ex is if you notice that he is still consistently following her on all of her social media.

You will notice that he can’t help but check out what she is doing on a regular basis.

He may try to be sneaky about it by doing it behind your back but at the end of the day, he is still trying to find ways to connect with her somehow.

He may not necessarily reach out to her on social media but he will observe.

Something else he may do is begin to use you to see if he can get back at her.

In other words, he may start taking an excessive amount of photos of the both of you and uploading those to his social media accounts.

He may even take sexy photos of you and upload those.

If you have noticed an unnatural increase in these kind of uploads and you have also noticed that he is consistently on her social media accounts, he may be trying to get her attention so that he can make her jealous.

He may become so distracted by doing this that he starts neglecting his relationship with you to a certain extent.

This would be a problem and could lead to a strain on the relationship.

If you were to allow this to go on for a bit too long, he may get to the point where he is in denial about what he is doing.

This would make it that much more difficult for him to stop it.

Hence, it would be best to address it before too much time elapses.

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