Should I Stay With My Boyfriend Or Am I Better Off Without Him After So Much Drama With His Ex?

Should I Stay With My Boyfriend Or Am I Better Off Without Him After So Much Drama With His Ex?

You may be better off without your boyfriend when there is so much drama with an ex.

Typically, when there is so much drama with an ex, there are issues that your boyfriend never got over.

In essence, that past relationship with his ex didn’t really end decisively.

In some ways, your boyfriend is still in it.

When there is this kind of drama, there is still a lot of passion where he and his ex are concerned.

Drama is borne out of passion.

If there were no passion, there would be no drama.

Since there is passion between the two, you may be in a situation where they still love each other or may even have a love-hate kind of relationship.

This is a very difficult situation to be in.

It means that you are stuck in the middle of something that you have no control over.

Your boyfriend isn’t supposed to be having this kind of emotion towards his ex.

He should have moved on by now.

If he is still having these emotions, you are not dealing with a boyfriend who is there for you emotionally one hundred percent.

This is a huge problem. It means that you are not really dating him.

You are indirectly dating both him and his ex.

There is so much emotional torment that can come out of this.

Some people make the mistake of lying to themselves.

They refuse to acknowledge the drama that is in front of them and choose to believe that all will be well.

They choose to believe that their boyfriend will get over his ex.

They choose to believe that the ex is simply jealous and this is just a phase.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

When you are dealing with this kind of passion between two exes, they have not gotten over each other.

As I mentioned earlier, they may still love each other or have a love-hate mentality.

You will be constantly dealing with a boyfriend who may thinking about why his ex did him wrong or why he and his ex just can’t seem to get along.

He may even be worried about who his ex is currently dating and be comparing that person to himself.

In other words, his ex will be constantly in his thoughts.

As a result, he would not be able to be a true boyfriend that gives you the kind of undivided attention that you deserve as his girlfriend.

Drama with an ex is almost always about unresolved emotions and issues.

Even if he has a love-hate relationship with his ex, you will still be affected in a negative way.

He may be upset over something his ex said and did. He may then turn around and take his frustration out on you.

This would not be beneficial to your relationship.

You would essentially become his scapegoat.

This is what we tend to do as human beings when we get overly frustrated by a particular situation.

We pawn off the blame on someone else.

This person will typically be someone that we are close to.

It’s human nature.

We want to take it out on someone else so that we don’t feel so bad about ourselves and our situation. We don’t want to keep carrying that burden of responsibility.

Unfortunately, this is most likely the situation you will continue to be in if you stay with a boyfriend who has so much drama with his ex.

You are better off without him.

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