My Boyfriend Is A Bit Too Clingy. What Should I Do?

My Boyfriend Is A Bit Too Clingy. What Should I Do?

You should let him know about it but you should also make suggestions.

He may not know that he is this clingy.

He may truly believe that he is a good boyfriend that is being attentive to you.

By letting him know that he is being clingy, you bring it to his attention and enlighten him.

However, by making suggestions as far as what he could do with his time that doesn’t involve you, you are putting a positive spin on your message and you are letting him see that you do want him to maintain his identity.

Perhaps you know of some hobbies that he has.

He may have ignored those hobbies once he started dating you.

This is your opportunity to bring them up and tell him that it would be good for him to start them up again.

Perhaps he has spoken to you about a project that he would like to do or something he would like to build or even fix.

You can suggest that it is time for him to go for it.

You could even tell him that it would be something that you would love to see him accomplish.

This way, he knows that you would love to see him succeed in it.

This may actually motivate him to go ahead and do it.

Also, if your boyfriend is a bit clingy, you should examine how you may have facilitated it.

Sometimes, you can overlook that the reason why your boyfriend acts in a particular way may be due your past influence.

Perhaps you wanted a whole lot of his attention when you both initially started dating.

He may have wanted to hang out with his friends more often but you prevented him from doing it.

He may have been into his hobby but you complained that he wasn’t giving you attention and consequently he stopped the hobby so that he could make you happy.

You may have told him that you would rather he start hanging out at a particular place with you than hanging out at the other place that his friends would normally be at.

You may have even encouraged him to end some friendships because you didn’t like those friends or you felt like they would be a threat to your relationship with him.

It is important that you also look at your behavior in order to ascertain whether you contributed to his current behavior of being clingy.

If you do some honest analysis and realize that you do have some culpability to this, you should also make some adjustments to the way you behave and what you expect.

If he now makes a real attempt to stop being clingy and becomes a little bit more independent, you will have to respect it and not thwart it.

In other words, you could get to the point where you start worrying that perhaps he is becoming too independent and the next thing you know, you are trying to stop him from being so.

You have to be able to be consistent in your behavior and in your support of him.

Otherwise, you could be right back to where you are now in a few months because you couldn’t handle the fact that he has taken your advice.

A healthy balance of independence and time spent together in your relationship is what you should aim for.

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