When A Guy Is Confused Between Two Girls, What Should I Do?

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When A Guy Is Confused Between Two Girls, What Should I Do?

When a guy is confused between two girls, one of the best things you can do is ask yourself whether it is worth your while being stuck in the middle and just how much worth you put on yourself.

If he is confused about you, he is clearly not sure about what he even wants.

The danger of allowing yourself to wait on a guy to make a decision on which girl he wants is that, he just may never get to that point.

In essence, he just doesn’t know which way to turn and as a result, he ends up either going with none of you or tries to have the both of you at the same time.

Guys in a position like this can often get drunk with the kind of power that comes with being the object of desire from two girls.

That kind of attention from two girls can be so intoxicating that he simply finds it harder and harder to let go of it.

He knows that if he were to make a decision on which girl to choose, he would essentially lose the other girl.

If he loses the other girl based on his decision, he would lose the attention that he has gotten so used to receiving from that girl.

A number of guys, out of fear of losing this attention will typically just stay in indecision until their hand is either seriously forced or someone other than the two girls that he has been indecisive about comes along to wrest their attention.

Many girls fall into the trap of believing that the guy will make a decision soon. They do everything they can to win over his approval and make him feel good.

They think that with each attempt to gain his favor, they are getting closer and closer to being chosen as the one to be with him.

However, oftentimes, they find themselves at the point where all of that effort has been for nothing because all he craves is the attention and that is what he would rather be on the receiving end of.

Again, this kind of attention from two girls can be very intoxicating for a lot of guys.

You don’t want to be the one who is left with nothing to show for it because all he wanted was to get off on all that intoxicating attention.

It would be in your best interest not to wait around on this guy.

If he truly liked you, there wouldn’t be any doubt in his mind about which girl he wants to be with.

He wouldn’t need to juggle the both of you.

If anything, he would declare that you are the one he wants as soon as he could out of fear that some other guy could snatch such an amazing girl away from him.

Right now, there are no stakes for him.

He has no fear of losing you.

He feels that he is in complete control.

When a guy has no stakes to worry about, he becomes lackadaisical and a lot more indecisive.

If you believe that you are truly a catch, you really shouldn’t be letting him get away with treating you as though you are not that important.

You should quit waiting on him and move on.

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