Does He Know I Have Feelings For him?

Does He Know I Have Feelings For him?

Ambiguity is what confuses many guys where feelings are concerned.

One week, you make consistent eye contact with him, and the next week, you are barely looking at him.

Guys get confused about a girl’s feelings when a girl’s behavior is ambiguous.

Regardless of how well you got along with each other last week, he isn’t so sure about how you feel about him when you follow that up with a week where you are fairly absent or ambiguous with your statements and behavior.

No matter how bad a day or week you are having, being consistent in how you treat and respond to him is how you get him to know how you feel about him.

Consistent behavior from week to week, gives him a steadfast impression of where you stand with him and what your feelings are.

Ambiguity happens when you laugh at his jokes one week and the next week, he is struggling to make you chuckle.

This sends the message that the laughter he experienced with you the previous week was fleeting.

The idea that you were laughing at his jokes because you like him and have feelings for him goes out the window, replaced with doubt.

This keeps him from maintaining the momentum he thought he was building with you from the previous week.

He cuts back on telling you jokes in consequent weeks, choosing rather to play it safe and keep his conversations with you fairly benign.

Think about how frequently you have put him in this frame of mind.

One week, you are laughing at his jokes, responding to flirting and teasing, and the next week, you are unresponsive to everything.

This is where you lose momentum with him and everything goes back to zero.

For him to know you have feelings with him, you need to be consistent in your behavior, regardless of how good or bad your day or week is transpiring.

With this consistency, you don’t lose momentum with him, which leads to a realization on his part that you have genuine feelings for him.

Something else to look out for is how you behave in regards to the men in your life.

A guy knows you have feelings for him when you treat him differently from the men in your life.

Do you treat him differently from how you treat your male friends?

Do you show him a side of you that you don’t show your male friends?

Guys pick up on how you treat them in comparison to the rest.

He picks up on it when you call him special nicknames you don’t call your guy friends.

Instead of addressing him as “bro” or “dude,” the same as you do your male friends, you are calling him a special name.

A nickname that is unique to who he is as a person and the effect he has on you.

In prioritizing talking to him or hanging out with him over your male friends, you are treating him differently from your male friends.

He feels special.

Knowing that you aren’t lumping him in with your guy friends, in terms of how you treat him, he opens up to the idea that you have feelings for him.

Treating him differently on a consistent basis is the key to getting this message across.


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