Do Guys Fall In Love Or Do They Just Get Attached?

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Do Guys Fall In Love Or Do They Just Get Attached?

Guys fall in love.

They don’t really separate the fact that they want to be around you from the fact that they are also in love with you.

The two tend to work hand in hand in a very big way.

A guy would not want to be around a girl over a sustained period of time that he didn’t at least have some affinity for.

A guy would not want to give up his own regular activities just to talk or be with her if he didn’t have genuine emotions about her.

His attachment is not just about trying to be around her bubbly or unique personality.

His attachment is about his emotion.

If he is in love with her, he is essentially attached.

He wants to be around her as much as he can.

He makes plans to see her or take her out.

He gives up time with his friends just to be with her.

He tells her about his hopes and aspirations.

He is also invested in her hopes and aspirations.

What you may read as attachment is simply him showing his love.

He has reached a level of comfort and ease with you that he allows himself to invest fully into the relationship.

He will show you just how much he loves you by trying to make you feel good.

He will try to comfort you when you are sad.

He may try to make you laugh just so that he can put you in a better mood.

He may even be self-deprecating just so that you know that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

He will try to do little things for you that he knows you may like.

He may get you that favorite chocolate or prepare that bubble bath.

He may cook you dinner or surprise you with a weekend trip somewhere.

There is no end to what he would try to do for you.

You may think he is attached, but in his mind, he doesn’t really create this distinction.

As far as he is concerned, being in love is similar to being attached.

He loves how you make him want to be better or do good by you.

When you give him this kind of zest for life, he appreciates it.

He wants to experience it even more.

For him to experience it even more, he has to be around you.

He has to be around that kind of energy.

He loves the way you make him want to aspire for more.

You may even make him feel like he is his best self whenever he is around you.

This is especially true when he knows that he can be totally be himself around you.

When he knows that he can be himself and not have to be Mr Perfect or Mr Macho all the time, he finds it so much easier to fall in love.

He is able to let down his guard and just allow himself to be free.

This is a very powerful emotion.

He falls in love with this sense of openness. He becomes attached because he simply doesn’t want to let it go.

He doesn’t want to let go of this feeling because he knows that letting it go would feel like he is losing a part of himself.

With guys, falling in love and being attached are one and the same.

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2 thoughts on “Do Guys Fall In Love Or Do They Just Get Attached?”

  1. This was the beginning part of my relationship and he told me he fell in love with me then made me fall for can we have gone from this to now on the verge of a breakup?

  2. Hi Diamond,

    He may have believed that he loved you at the time.

    However, circumstances may have changed forcing him to change his mind or begin to doubt his initial emotions.

    Sometimes it also has a lot to do with the reality of what a real relationship entails.

    Love is often not enough.

    Once two people actually get into a relationship, they will eventually meet obstacles.

    This is when their love is tested.

    If a partner is still stuck in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, they may begin to wonder why all of these obstacles are happening.

    The partner begins to retreat emotionally and soon realizes that they can’t handle it.

    He may have also gone through this experience.

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