Anytime I Try To Talk About Feelings With My Boyfriend, He Gets Mad

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Anytime I Try To Talk About Feelings With My Boyfriend, He Gets MadYour boyfriend may not be the kind that wants to deal with his feelings or yours.

Whenever he gets mad anytime you try to talk to him about feelings, he may be worried that you are putting him on the spot.

He may be afraid to actually begin to examine his own feelings and what they may mean. He may also be afraid to be made privy to what you are feeling as well and how that may impact the relationship.

A guy like this is typically wanting to stay in the status quo. He doesn’t want to have to deal with weighty emotional issues that may expose your relationship for what it is.

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In other words, he may be perfectly happy living within a lie or simply hoping that by ignoring it, it would mean that it doesn’t exist.

This is a major problem because it means that your boyfriend is not going to be willing to face the reality of what your relationship is and where it may be heading.

A boyfriend like this is not going to be open to suggestions or criticism.

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The problem with this is that it doesn’t help a relationship grow, improve or get repaired where repairs need to be made.

You may hope that he understands what the issues are and that he will ultimately try to fix them with you but this is unlikely when he is unwilling to even talk about feelings.

Talking about feelings is not only about talking about emotions of love.

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It is also about talking about the issues that the relationship is currently experiencing or may be headed toward.

These are all important factors that must be examined.

If your boyfriend gets mad anytime you try to talk about feelings, he will be more unwilling to address any issues that need fixing in the relationship.

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This means that the issues will persist.

If the issues persist, things will only get worse because the same mistakes are being made and nothing is being done to rectify them.

This is why it can be so problematic when your boyfriend keeps getting mad about this topic thereby rendering the topic mute.

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If you care about your relationship and where it is going, you shouldn’t keep allowing your boyfriend to get away with it.

He knows that by getting mad, he will shut you up. This is a tactic.

You have to understand that you are better off sticking with the topic and forcing him to address it now than allowing it to fester until your relationship is so damaged that it can’t get fixed.

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You will need to let him know that he can’t get mad. These issues must be addressed. If he leaves the room because he doesn’t want to talk, give him a moment but the next time you interact, bring it up again.

You must address the issues and feelings in order to keep your relationship in check, fix what needs to be fixed and move forward.

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Once he sees that you mean business, he will eventually have to come to terms with this and do what must be done.

Talking about feelings is essential in enabling a relationship to flourish. Hence, it is something that cannot be ignored and thereby something that he would have to take seriously.

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