How Long Does It Take To Build A Good Relationship?

How Long Does It Take To Build A Good Relationship?

It depends on how consistent and open it has been.

When two parties communicate with each other consistently, speaking openly, and sharing common interests, they build a good relationship within three to six months.

With this level of consistency, a time frame of three to six months means that these two have spent a good amount of time with each other and have gotten to know each other on a deeper basis.

You have passed the early stages of the relationship where so much of what you felt for each other was attached to your physical attraction for one another.

In three to six months of constant conversation and constant dates, you have gone beyond the physical.

You have mutually determined that your interest in each other is as personal as it is physical.

Not only this.

A time frame of three to six months gives you the opportunity to meet people that are pivotal in each other’s lives.

You get to see how you get along with each other’s friends, coworkers, family, etc.

Establishing that your new partner has a good rapport with people in your life that you care about, dramatically increases the likelihood of building a good relationship with him.

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A guy who gets along with your friends, family, coworkers, etc., is a guy that all these people are basically vouching for.

This is how you know that it isn’t just you that thinks this guy is amazing.

Falling into the mindset of how amazing a guy, based on your visceral attraction for him, is so enticing.

Sadly, this blinds us to what a person is realistically about, as we are so caught up in how good he makes us feel.

Yet, when you have been with a guy for at least three to six months and your friends, family, coworkers, etc., have gotten to meet him, and have nothing but glowingly good reviews about his character, you know that you didn’t fall victim to your feelings.

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People outside of your relationship see that he is an amazing guy too.

This facilitates a good relationship.

It creates a stronger bond between you.

Be weary of strong feelings that are established too early.

It overwhelms and sucks you in to a false reality, making you believe that he must be the one for you simply because you have such great chemistry in the bedroom and seemingly have so much in common.

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This can happen as soon as the first date is over.

This is too soon.

Even where you two have seemingly established common interests, you must still engage in them.

Merely talking about a mutual love of traveling, isn’t the same thing as going on a trip together.

Experiencing common interests together, instead of merely establishing that you have common interests in conversation, inspires a stronger connection.

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A common interest that the two of you share in real time gives you a shared moment.

A shared moment where you learn about how well you two work as a team.

All of this adds to a good relationship.

This doesn’t happen without a time frame of at least three to six months of dating.

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