Does It Become A Lot Harder To Find Dates After College?

Does It Become A Lot Harder To Find Dates After College?

It isn’t necessarily a lot harder to find dates after college.

It’s just that you may have to be a lot more proactive to find dates after college than what you were used to in college.

College has a lot of opportunity to meet dating prospects in a way that doesn’t require too much of a leap or hard work.

You can meet prospective dates as you walk to class, in class, at a college sports or social event, at the dorm, at the college gym, at the college common area, at the college library, at a sorority or fraternity, at the college chapel, the list goes on.

These are people that you are coming across on the daily basis without any real need to go to where a prospective date may be and seek them out.

Prospective dates are simply just about everywhere and since they are all in college, the likelihood that they are single and not married is a lot more possible.

After college, it gets a little bit more complicated.

You don’t really brush shoulders against a plethora of dating prospects.

You may find some direct dating prospects at your new job or while you are conducting business.

You may find some dating prospects in the new friends you meet at local businesses that may be affiliated or similar to your own.

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You may even find them when the company you work for holds social events on special holidays or just as a celebration of a job well done by its employees.

You may meet dating prospects at the local gym thanks to the new monthly or yearly discount you are getting there because of the company you work for.

You may even start talking and mingling with the people in your new neighborhood of residence.

Perhaps you will find some singles there.

However, the field has narrowed.

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There is most definitely still opportunity to find dates after college but it is not as rampant as it would be in a college setting.

There would have to be a lot more commitment on your part to be proactive in finding dates after college than when you were in college.

In college, there was an ease of it all.

Perhaps you met that person in class or at the college rendering of a Play.

Since you are both in college, there was an instant sense of commonality.

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It’s not really quite like that after college.

Success in finding dates after college is predicated on how proactive you intend to be in finding dates.

If you believe that you will simply be able to be surrounded by dating prospects just as you did in college without needing to put in much effort, you may need to realign your train of reasoning.

There is most certainly endless possibilities to find dates after college.

However, you may have to put in more work than you are used to.

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Depending on your industry, the majority of people you will work with right after college may already be married with kids.

That has already cut down your dating prospects at work by quite a percentage.

It’s not the same as having classmates who were mostly unmarried without kids.

You are now playing on a totally different field.

In some ways though, finding dates after college may even be better than what you experienced in college.

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What you lose in immediate opportunity, you gain in learning how to hone your skills in flirtation and keeping a keen eye out for the opposite sex.

This may make you a lot better of a catch than a guy or girl in college who may have too many dating prospects to choose from and thereby never really have the opportunity to better their skills in dating and conversation.

When the well of immediate dating prospects is not quite as high, you may learn to appreciate the art of conversation, flirtation and rapport building.

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