What Does Love At First Sight Feel Like?

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What Does Love At First Sight Feel Like?

It can be different depending on a person’s mentality.

A person who has been waiting and hoping for love may experience love at first sight a lot differently than a person who wasn’t looking for love at all.

For a person who has been waiting for love desperately, she would feel like this feeling is familiar.

A person like this would have already created scenarios in her mind of what love would feel like.

Hence, when she experiences love at first sight, all those images and thoughts about what love would feel like all come flooding back into her memory.

She may be the type who has read a lot of romance novels or watched a lot of romantic comedies.

She may be the type that idolizes her parents or grandparents who may still be very much in love and often wonders if she will feel the same way they do when she falls in love.

For a person like her, love at first sight would feel familiar because she has spent so much time fantasizing about it and allowing external stimuli to influence her thoughts and emotions.

When she begins to feel those butterflies, she recognizes that this is the exact same feeling she has had when she has read her romance novels and fantasized about what it would be like to be the girl being romanced in the novel.

When she feels like this person gets her and knows what she is all about, she may recall watching her parents or grandparents who may still be together and how they always seem to be in rhythm with what the other wants.

To her, the feeling of love at first sight feels like it has always been there.

It was just waiting for a spark or a catalyst to set it off.

For a person who doesn’t focus on love as much and may have never been in love, the experience of love at first sight is a lot different.

She may actually feel some fear and anxiety at first.

She is not familiar with this feeling and she is worried about how it came about.

It has taken her by surprise.

She may even initially deny the fact that she is experiencing love at first sight because to her that would be ludicrous.

However, she cannot deny the fact that she can’t stop thinking about this guy and that she tends to wonder if he is thinking about her often.

She can’t deny the fact that the moment an image of him is in her head, she is beaming with a smile from ear to ear.

She can’t help the fact that she is concerned when she doesn’t hear from him and that this tends to make her fearful that he may no longer be interested in her.

She can’t help the fact that he is the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up in the morning and the last thing she thinks about when she goes to bed at night.

For a person like this, love at first sight is initially quite terrifying in the sense that it indicates a loss of control on her part.

She is no longer fully in control of her emotions and feelings.

She may be initially freaked out by this.

However, as the feeling persists, she grows to accept it and even welcome it.

It does feel good once she has allowed herself to come to terms with the fact that she is in love with this person.

Now, all she hopes for is that he feels the same.

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