Is It A Good Thing To Keep Texting After A First Date Or Annoying? How To Not Appear Too Needy Or Too Eager?

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Is It A Good Thing To Keep Texting After A First Date Or Annoying? How To Not Appear Too Needy Or Too Eager?

It honestly depends on how the both of you have been getting along.

If you really hit it off on that first date and this person is always willing to communicate, texting constantly after that first date may be fine and not annoying at all.

This is most appropriate when both parties are initiating the texts equally.

The danger or problem that a lot of people come across in a scenario like this is when it is too one-sided.

If the majority of texts are initiated by you, you will have to refrain from texting so much after the first date.

Even if this other person always responds when you text, it doesn’t mean that they are particularly happy about the fact that you have been incessantly texting them since the first date.

They may initially continue to respond because of the goodwill they have towards you and the fact that they really enjoyed the first date.

However, if you keep doing it, they will eventually get tired of it and may even start responding a lot less until it completely fizzles out.

Your best bet is to gauge just how much the both of you are into this.

If there is an equal level of initiation, there is an equal level of interest.

This would also be an indication that this person really wants to keep communicating in this way.

In a situation like this, the texting would be mutual.

It would feel natural as a result.

Even though you keep texting them, they are also doing the same thing. There is a sense that you are both on the same wavelength.

This is your best approach in a situation like this.

You can even use your text discussions as a guide.

If you are always getting into meaningful conversations, there is equal interest in keeping these texts going.

If there are good and well-thought-out responses, this is also a good sign.

However, if you were to keep texting and this person only sends very short one word replies or a short sentence, they may be indicating that they are merely responding to be polite and because of how much they enjoyed the first date.

When you are sending meaningful and elaborate texts and they are giving you very short responses, they are indicating that their level of enthusiasm at this stage is not as high as yours.

They may be turned off by the fact that you are simply texting too much.

This is especially true if you notice that the person’s initial text responses to you were just as long and elaborate as yours but over time, their responses have become a lot shorter.

They are indicating that the texting is too much and they are finding it difficult to keep up.

This is when your texts have become annoying and you start beginning to appear too needy or too eager.

As a rule of thumb, keep your texts to a minimum after that first date.

If the other person is showing a lot of enthusiasm in initiating texts, you can match their intensity.

However, if not, keep texts to a minimum.

A minimum could be about one to three texts a day.

In time, if there is genuine chemistry there, the texting will become more frequent from both parties.

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