Do Hotter Girls Get Asked Out Less Than Average Girls?

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Do Hotter Girls Get Asked Out Less Than Average Girls?

On the contrary, hotter girls get asked out more than average girls.

Hotter girls are typically seen by most men as the most desired.

You have to understand that many men are very visual.

They tend to see the outside first before the inside.

They gravitate towards hotter girls because of the visual appeal of such girls.

There is a reason why men tend to prefer looking at images or pictures while women tend to prefer reading words on a page.

Men are very visual. They are wired in this way biologically and mentally.

Hence, when they see hotter girls, they are instantly entranced by her beauty.

They want to have that hotter girl as a lover or a friend with benefits.

Many men are also about status.

Oftentimes, in the society we live in, a man is judged by what he does for a living, where he lives, what kind of car he drives and who he is dating.

Having a hotter girl by his side raises his status.

Men who know that they are judged by their status will often ask out hotter girls because they want to be seen as successful.

Society tends to judge a man with a hotter girl as a guy who has landed.

In other words, this guy has made it. Hence, hotter girls have no end to the number of men who ask them out.

All they have to do is just be wherever they are.

Hotter girls are asked out in clubs, laundromats, gas stations, hospitals, malls, on the street etc.

They truly get a lot of attention whether they are made up or dressed in flip-flops.

As a result of all this attention, a number of hotter girls may develop a radar.

They develop a radar that may give other people the impression that they are conceited.

Some people interpret this radar as “attitude.”

The truth is, she wasn’t always like this.

As she has been at the receiving end of more and more unwanted attention throughout her life, she has started fortifying herself.

She has begun to put up a wall.

She knows that she has to.

If she doesn’t, she simply can’t be left in peace.

Even in moments where she wants to be left alone, she is being catcalled or whistled at.

All this can get very tiring and mentally draining.

So, up comes the radar. To some, “attitude.” To others, the “bitch shield.”

However, for the most part, she has put up this shield just so that she can discourage more unwanted attention.

If you were in her position, you may do the same thing.

Average girls on the other hand are asked out less than the hotter girl because they aren’t typically the first ones that the guys notice.

Again, remember, guys love glossy pictures. They are very visual.

They don’t notice the average girl until they have matured enough in life to realize that everything isn’t about outside beauty.

Also, they may reach the point where they have been in so many failed relationships with hotter girls, they begin to rethink their relationship decisions.

Due to the fact that many hotter girls have so many benefactors, they can easily allow a relationship to falter without any desire to fix it.

They simply move on to the next benefactor and the cycle begins all over again.

It can get tiring to be constantly at the receiving end of short-lived relationships due to a bored or impatient hotter girl.

This is where the average girl starts becoming more and more appealing to the guy.

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