How To Get The Guy I Want? I Have No Success With Guys I Find Attractive

The guys you find attractive aren’t attracted or drawn to your overall energy and body language.

How To Get The Guy I Want? I Have No Success With Guys I Find AttractiveTo have success with getting the guys you want, give off the right energy and demonstrate the right body language.

Show him why you are a catch.

Don’t hide what makes you unique and different from the rest.

Keeping your authentic persona hidden works against you.

Your authentic persona is what makes you unique.

It is what separates you from every other girl.

When you act as though you are like every other girl so as to play it safe, there is nothing special about you.

The guy wants to see the authentic you.

He wants to experience your unique energy.

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Knowing that you are confident in who you are and aren’t afraid to show it, is a turn on to guys.

Having no success with the guys that you find attractive has so much to do with your behavior.

His perception of you is that you don’t believe you are a catch.

When you don’t believe you are a catch and act accordingly, guys aren’t going to see you as much of a prize.

Guys love the chase.

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When a girl gives off the impression that she has little to no confidence and doesn’t see herself as a catch, there is nothing of value for them to chase.

This is the vibe you are giving off and you don’t know it.

Your mindset makes your body language negative.

Guys have a higher likelihood of approaching a girl who has positive body language.

A girl with positive body language exudes confidence and approachability.

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She is making eye contact with people, laughing, smiling, and looking like she is having a good time.

This is what draws guys to girls, including guys you find attractive.

Negative body language is exhibited when you are avoiding eye contact with guys you find attractive, looking down, walking around in a hurry, crossing your arms over your chest and avoiding crowded areas where these men occupy.

A face that is constantly stuck on your phone doesn’t help you either nor when you make it a habit to hide in the middle of your girl friends.

This negativity sends the message that you have no desire to be approached.

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Now you lose out on having success with guys you find attractive.

You have made yourself out to be someone who doesn’t believe she is a catch, and sent the message to every guy that an attempt to approach you is bound to be met with a negative response.

No guy wants to be embarrassed or told off upon approaching a woman, especially in public.

Make adjustments to how you look at yourself and how you demonstrate body language, and your fortune changes with guys you find attractive.

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