How To Get The Guy I Want? I Have No Success With Guys I Find Attractive

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How To Get The Guy I Want? I Have No Success With Guys I Find Attractive

To get the guy you want, you should give off the right kind of energy.

You need to show him why you would be a catch.

Don’t hide what makes you unique and different from the rest.

This a mistake that a lot of girls make in your situation.

They keep their real persona hidden because they are afraid that if they were to reveal it, the guy would be turned off.

Your real persona is essentially what makes you unique.

It is what separates you from every other girl.

If you were simply to act as though you are like every other girl in order to play it safe, there would be nothing special about you.

The guy wants to see the real you.

He wants to sense your unique energy.

He wants to know that you are confident in who you are and aren’t afraid to show it.

If you feel that you have no success with the guys that you find attractive, it may be because they sense a lack of confidence in you.

They may sense that you don’t truly believe that they would ever be interested in you.

You may not be aware that this is the kind of vibe that you are giving off.

These guys may actually want to get to know you but believe that you are not only negative in the way you see yourself but also unapproachable.

You have to really take note of your body language. It is a major part of attracting the guy you want and find attractive.

When your body language is all wrong, you are no longer approachable.

If you tend to look down when you are around guys, you need to start looking up.

If you tend to avoid eye contact with guys you are attracted to, you need to start making eye contact with them.

If you tend to put your back to most guys, start facing them directly.

If you tend to always be in a hurry, slow things down and allow these guys the time to actually approach you.

If you tend to be too busy with what you are doing, be less busy so that guys don’t feel like they would be interfering or bothering you when they make an approach.

If you are always on your phone when you are around guys, put it away.

Due to your negative body language, you have most likely been losing out on a lot of opportunity to have guys that you are attracted to approach you.

You will need to assess how you act and make these important adjustments.

Getting the guy you want also requires that you are open minded.

Do not become so stringent in finding the perfect guy.

You may be meeting different guys in your daily life that may be good prospects but ignoring them because they don’t have the right hair, social status or attitude.

There are some requirements that you can compromise on so that you don’t make this an impossible task.

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