Why Does My Crush Follow Me On Social Media But Never Texts or DMs Me?

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Why Does My Crush Follow Me On Social Media But Never Texts or DMs Me?

Your crush is curious about what you are up to on social media.

He isn’t curious enough to text or DM you, as you haven’t given him reason to.

Think about the posts you put up on your social media.

What did you post in the last week?

Motivational quotes?

Pictures with you in your backyard?

Shots of your bored furry cat?

What you had for lunch?

You see, your posts are boring to him.

There is nothing there that inspires your crush to send you a text or a DM.

When your goal is to get your crush to like you, you have to give him something to get excited about.

Look at his social media and what he posts about.

Watch for what he posts about a lot.

What is it?

Car racing?





Tech gadgets?


Whatever it is, this is what you use to capture his attention and inspire him.

Lots of posts around surfing means he loves to surf.

Make it your mission to get out there and surf.

Have friends take pictures of you while you are at it.

Post these pictures on your social media and be candid with your followers.

Be self-deprecating by telling them that surfing is new to you and that you have never fallen on your face so much in your life.

This is how you show personality and humility.

Being self-deprecating in informing your followers that you are learning, inspires them to want to help you, especially those who have surfing experience.

This is how guys are.

They love being the expert by showing off their knowledge about something.

Since you chose an activity your crush posts about a lot on his social media, at a certain moment, he is going to feel compelled to either compliment you on your efforts or give you some advice on how to get better.

This is when he is sending you a text or DM.

Right here, you lured him into messaging you and he had no idea what you were doing.

From here, conversation over time has a chance of leading somewhere beyond the online sphere.

For a crush who follows you on social media but never texts or DMs you, assuming his interests and posting yourself involved in them, is a surefire tactic to get him to send you texts or DMs.

Be patient.

Don’t be discouraged in the event he doesn’t send a text or DM in the first week or two.

Keep at it.

He is going to text you at the right moment.

Something else to consider is the possibility your crush isn’t much of a texter.

Many guys prefer face to face conversations, instead of online conversations.

Surely, you know men in your life who are terrible at texting you, whether these guys are in your family or friend circle.

Instead of hoping your crush sends you a text or DMs you online, put yourself in real life situations where he is physically present.

When there is a social event in town that you know he is physically attending, show up there.

Bring some friends along to give you cover, so that it doesn’t look like you are stalking him.

Keep showing up at these social events and use your friends as your wing women to help draw the attention of his group.

Upon drawing the attention of his group, talking to him face to face is much easier and there is hope that a good enough conversation leads to a date.

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