Why I Can’t Forget About This One Guy?

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Why I Can't Forget About This One Guy?

It may be because he has had a profound effect on you to the point where you simply can’t help but think about him throughout your day.

He may have told you something that stayed with you.

He may have treated you in a way that you aren’t used to and left you curious and wanting more.

He may be mysterious and hard to read.

This kind of guy can sometimes be hard to forget.

He is a different experience from what you are used to.

He gives you something that you tend to respond to.

That something could be mystery, intrigue, danger, perplexity, etc.

There is an effect this guy has on you that draws out a particular emotion.

You like this emotion. This emotion is what keeps you interested.

Perhaps you have found it rare to experience this particular kind of emotion with anyone else.

This guy becomes a fixture in your imagination because every time you think of him, this emotion surfaces.

Since this is a powerful emotion that you rarely feel, you want more of it.

It’s almost like a drug that you can’t get enough of. As a result, you start thinking about this guy even more. He becomes impossible to forget.

You are essentially attached to that emotion and the person that elicits it from you.

This may be the type of guy that you consider to be your ideal.

Perhaps your ideal has eluded you in life.

This guy finally meets that bar. However, you may not be entirely certain why he does.

Other guys that have liked you in the past may have seemingly had the right qualities.

On paper, these guys were picture perfect for you. However, you always felt that there was something missing with these guys.

You may not have been able to deduce what it was but you felt it.

Notwithstanding, you went along and dated some of these guys because they were decent enough.

Perhaps you even told yourself that what you were seeking would be impossible to find.

That feeling that you want to experience may not be at all realistic.

You convince yourself of this and proceed with your dating life.

Each new guy you date is basically the carbon copy of the previous guy. Again, on paper, these guys would seem to be your perfect match.

However, in the back of your mind, you still know that there is something missing.

In walks this new guy.

He gives you that emotion that you have been so craving.

He makes you think about him at all hours of the day.

You are feeling good. You probably even have butterflies when you think about him.

This guy is giving you the emotion that you have not been able to get from other guys.

It could be the way he talks or carries himself.

It could be the fact that he isn’t an open book and you know so little about him.

It could be that he doesn’t pay you much attention.

It could be the way he touches you and his tone of voice.

It could be that he tends to know just what right buttons to push to get you to laugh or even be mortified about something.

He is different.

This is why you can’t forget about this guy.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Forget About This One Guy?”

  1. This guy that I meet awhile back and talked to a couple of times, the conversations were short and simple. He asked another girl to ask me a question, rather than he doing it himself. Was he so shy or nervous to come and ask that he asked another girl to go do it? When I met him to talk to him about it, the body language and the looks were positive. He was leaning up against a rail with his hand in his belt loop and looking at me in the eyes. We have only talked once since then and I haven’t got a response. Was all of this for nothing, the conversations and everything. Why did he have to get another girl to talk to me and why would he seem interested but then not have any communication? Was he not interested? I was starting to like him….

  2. Hi Steph,

    Yes, he asked another girl to ask you a question because he was most likely to shy or nervous to come to you and do it.

    The conversations may not have been for nothing.

    Since he is most likely shy, he may not quite know how to start and keep a conversation going with you.

    Remember that you were the one who took the initiative in meeting up with him and talking to him after he had sent the other girl to ask you a question.

    Thereby, he clearly has some difficulty initiating conversation with you.

    He was most likely interested in you, but again, his shyness may be preventing him from talking to you.

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