Why I Can’t Forget About This One Guy That Is Stuck In My Head?

This one guy has had a profound effect on you, leading you to think about him throughout your day.

Why I Can't Forget About This One Guy That Is Stuck In My Head?He has told you something that stayed with you or left an indelible impression on you without saying a word.

You weren’t ready for it and it has left you curious and wanting more.

This guy is mysterious and hard to read, making him hard to forget.

He is a different experience from what you are used to and gives you stimuli you respond to.

That stimuli is mystery, intrigue, danger, perplexity, etc.

There is an effect this guy has on you that draws out a particular emotion.

You like this emotion.

This emotion is what keeps you interested.

You have found it rare to experience this specific emotion with anyone else.

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This guy is a fixture in your imagination, as every time you think of him, this emotion surfaces.

Since this is a powerful emotion that you rarely feel, you want more of it.

It’s almost like a drug that you can’t get enough of.

You think about this guy increasingly and he is impossible to forget.

You are essentially attached to that emotion and the person that elicits it from you.

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This is the guy you consider to be your ideal.

Your ideal has eluded you in life.

This guy finally meets that bar.

You don’t know exactly why he does.

Other guys that have liked you in the past have seemingly had the right qualities.

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On paper, these guys were picture perfect for you.

Yet, you felt that there was something missing with these guys.

You haven’t deduced what it was but you felt it.

Notwithstanding, you went along and dated some of these guys, as they were decent enough.

You told yourself that what you were seeking is impossible to find.

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That feeling that you want to experience isn’t realistic.

You convince yourself of this and push on with your dating life.

Each new guy you date is basically the carbon copy of the previous guy.

On paper, these guys appear to be your perfect match.

In the back of your mind, you know that there is something missing.

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This new guy walks into your life out of nowhere.

He elicits that special emotion in you that you have been so craving, pushing you to think about him at all hours of the day.

You are feeling good.

When you think about him, you have butterflies.

This guy is different from everyone else, by a mile.

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How he talks or carries himself is different.

How he isn’t an open book and you know so little about him, is different.

On top of that, he doesn’t pay you much attention, which is something you aren’t used to from guys.

His touch and tone of voice has you breathless.

He knows the right buttons to push to get you to laugh or be mortified about something.

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He is different.

This is why you can’t forget about this guy.

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