I Think I Asked Her Out But I’m Not Sure

I Think I Asked Her Out But I'm Not Sure

Asking her to do anything with you is asking her out.

We have to establish that she got the right impression though.

You sense that asking her out to lunch or whatever you asked her to do was too ambiguous.

No problem.

When the both of you meet up for lunch, talk to her with purpose, asking her questions about her life and interests.

Physically touch her from time to time as you discuss and maintain as much consistent eye contact with her as permissible.

Be in the moment and attentive to what she has to say.

Introduce the topic of romance and learn about where she stands as far as finding a mate.

Doing this gives her the impression that this is an actual date and not plainly a platonic lunch.

In exposing more about her life, romantic past and her hopes for the future, based on what you have asked, she gets the picture.

You have made it clear that you are certainly interested in her romantically.

To increase the likelihood that you get to this date, there are a few things you need to do.

The specific date and time of the date has to be established.

Contact her and set a date and time for the date.

There is a chance she is interested in you romantically, but as you didn’t narrow down a set date, she isn’t regarding your proposal seriously.

Girls like guys who are assertive and go for what they want.

Weak attempts to go on a date with her without ever setting a solid date and time turns her off.

You have to be assertive.

When you contact her and set the date and time, be specific about where you are to meet and the activity.

Girls love this too.

They like it when they have some sense of what is expected so that they dress appropriately and anticipate the date.

Speaking to her on a continual basis between when you asked her out and the date itself is a must.

Girls like it when a guy stays in touch in-between the time a date was set and the day of the date itself.

She wants to hear from you.

Whether you call or text, she wants you to communicate.

This legitimizes the date in her eyes, enforcing the belief that the date wasn’t spoken of just in passing.

Being that the both of you have continued to communicate during the course of the week, she gets a stronger sense that this date is legitimate.

As the date draws near, don’t be surprised when she is the one who brings it up in a message saying something like, “I am excited about Friday.”

You respond, “Me too,” giving her solid confirmation that this romantic date is planned and set.


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