How To Make Her Fall In Love Or Feel Like A Queen At The First Date?

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How To Make Her Fall In Love Or Feel Like A Queen At The First Date?

Be careful not to get yourself so caught up in trying to make her fall in love or feel like a queen at the first date that you overdo it.

This is a mistake that a lot of guys make.

They want so badly for the girl to like them on the first date that they try too hard.

They may set up a date that is way too fancy or elaborate for a first date.

They may bring flashy gifts for the girl.

They may deluge her with endless compliments and even proposals for marriage.

I am not kidding about the last one.

Listen, this girl wants you to be respectful to her.

That is certain.

However, she also wants to have a reason to like you.

If you were to do too much for her on the first date, she may think that you are all about style and no substance.

She may even believe that you may be too much of a pushover.

This is not attractive to most girls.

They still want to feel an air of mystery and excitement over you.

If you were to bring it all on that first date before you have even had a chance to get to know her better, you have let the air out of the tire so to speak.

What else will she have to look forward to?

More elaborate and over the top dates?

You really think that is what she wants?

It isn’t.

She wants to feel like you are someone that she can see herself with as a partner.

She wants to have the sense that you are someone she can get to know more and more about over time.

She wants the intrigue and surprise.

She wants a sense of being pursued but also wants to be compelled to do some of the pursuing.

It doesn’t mean that she would go through with the pursuing, however, you have at least made her feel like you are someone compelling enough to even consider pursuing.

You don’t want to make her fall in love or feel like a queen at the first date.

You want to make her feel safe.

You want to make her feel curious.

You want to get her asking herself questions about what you are all about.

You want to get her recalling in her mind where you may be familiar as far as her past relationships are concerned.

If she can’t draw too many parallels with her past relationships, this may bode well for you because you are something different.

You are different enough to make her want more but not so different that she can’t find ways to relate to your person or character in some way.

These are the kinds of feelings you should want to foment within her.

This is what keeps her coming back for date two, date three and beyond.

If your entire focus is to make her fall in love or feel like a queen at the first date, you may bore her to tears by the end of it.

There is no mystery, no questions, no story.

You have given it all to her in one showing and have tried way too hard to impress her.

This will only make her feel that perhaps you are so deficient in a part of your life or character that you are desperately trying to make her like you to compensate.

You do this and it is unlikely you will hear from her again or get a second date.

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