How To Compliment A Girl And Show Interest Without Actually Saying, “I Like You.”

Compliment this girl by admiring something that she is wearing, and following that up with telling her it looks good on her.

How To Compliment A Girl And Show Interest Without Actually Saying, "I Like You."Point out something that isn’t so obvious though.

Study her beforehand.

For example, she is wearing an ankle bracelet or wearing an interesting color of lipstick and you compliment her on that.

Focus on complimenting her on things that she is not used to getting complimented on by guys.

In picking out something that wasn’t all that obvious, you catch her attention.

To show interest, flirt with her.

Talk about her attire.

Joke around and talk about how you had seen that exact attire at a store recently and had thought about purchasing it for an ex-girlfriend.

You then tell her about how uncanny that is and make a reference to her being a psychic.

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Maybe she is reading what you’re thinking right now.

You give her a flirty look daring her to contemplate what you are thinking at that very moment.

She laughs at this and plays along, pretending that she is figuring out what you are thinking.

Now she is curious about you and is showing interest by flirting back.

The idea is to keep things light and a little risque.

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Go along with what she is letting you escape with.

In other words, don’t go too far earlier on.

Let the conversation flow and as you get a better feel for her, you know when to elevate the flirting to the next level.

Another tactic is to inquire about her interests.

Girls love it when a guy shows a degree of knowledge in what they are into.

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Whatever interests you learn about, commit them to memory and go home to do your homework on them.

She has a passion for horse riding?

Do your homework and learn more about it, picking up on different breeds and riding styles.

The next time you see her, open up a conversation about horse riding.

She is amazed at your knowledge and feels connected to you, appreciating your animated interest and knowledge around something she loves.

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Don’t get too caught up in talking, remember to listen to her and let her do most of the talking.

Girls love it when a guy listens to them.

When she has the sense that you are paying attention to what she says, she knows that you like her and you never had to say the words.

Being attentive to her in conversation and remembering details about what was talked about makes her feel like you are invested.

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