If Your Ex Sends You An Email, Do You Read It Or Not?

In a situation where you haven’t gotten over your ex emotionally, and are determined to, you are better off not reading that email.

If Your Ex Sends You An Email, Do You Read It Or Not?As you are still in the process of healing from a breakup, and have every intention of moving forward with your life, you are better off not reading that email.

You can do so at a later date when you have healed, and mentally moved on.

Right now, you are getting your life back together, or working on moving forward with your life, and the last thing you need is any distraction from your ex.

Being reintroduced to your ex when you haven’t completely healed reopens old wounds, and this isn’t a place you want to be in.

At this fragile stage in healing, there is a part of you that hopes to reunite with your ex, and thinks that the email will be in reference to this.

That email isn’t certain to have anything to do with reuniting.

If it doesn’t, you are going to be disappointed.

Even if it does, it isn’t the right move for you.

You don’t know what your ex’s motives are.

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He is lonely at this time, and wants to use you to keep him company at this time until someone else comes along.

He has gotten into a fight with his current girlfriend, and has now sent you an email so that he makes himself feel better about his circumstances.

People reach out to old partners when they feel vulnerable.

That fight made him feel vulnerable, and now, he has sent you this email to get a boost to his sense of self-worth.

That email is all about him.

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In this scenario, his intentions aren’t sincere.

In reading this email, you run the risk of giving in to the hope that your ex is coming back to you, and this opens you up to further pain.

Once he has gotten his reassurance from you, he leaves again.

He goes right back to that girlfriend that upset him in the first place, as he no longer has any use for you.

Now you are right back where you started, and worse, you have been used.

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All the progress you had been making until you made the ill-advised choice to read the email has been lost.

Do you want to put yourself in this position?

Hopefully, you don’t.

He is your ex for a reason.

You have to heal emotionally and know your value as an individual.

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You have made yourself believe that no one can make you as happy as your ex did, believing that he is the only one that gets you as a unique individual.

This isn’t true.

There are a plethora of men out there who have the potential to be a good partner to you, when the time is right.

Right now, it’s paramount you work on healing than anything else.

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