He Said We Didn’t Click But He Keeps My Number?

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He Said We Didn't Click But He Keeps My Number?

Keeping your number may simply mean that he has you to turn to as a backup if things don’t work out with who he is trying to talk to at the moment or with who he would rather talk to in the future.

A guy may have told you that he doesn’t click with you but if he were to keep your number, he may have seen you as someone he didn’t click with at the moment.

There is often something else or someone else in his life that has a higher priority.

However, he keeps that number because he knows that he would want to have someone to fall back on if he should get bored with whoever he is with at the moment, whoever he is trying to get, or just gets bored in general.

Guys will often do this.

They will keep certain numbers of girls they have talked to in the past because they want to have that girl as an option in the future.

At this moment in time, he doesn’t want to be with the girl but he does know that he may want to be with her in the future if his current plans don’t work or he gets lonely or bored.

What you will discover is that he may send you a text message from time to time to touch base with you.

However, he will rarely get into an extended conversation with you.

He will keep the texts very short.

As long as he knows that you are receiving them and reading them even though you don’t reply to them, he knows that you still care and could be an option for him in the future.

It’s not necessarily a good sign when you are being kept as a possible option for the future.

It means that you weren’t a priority to begin with.

This also means that if you were to interact with him in a romantic sense in the future, the relationship would probably not last nor would it be taken seriously by him.

You are simply someone who came through when he needed someone but you aren’t necessarily who he seriously wants to be with.

Also, another reason why he may have told you that you didn’t click with him but kept your number could be because he is not quite sure what he wants at this time or how much he can give of himself.

It may have nothing to do with seeing someone else or keeping you as an insurance policy.

It may have everything to do with what he is going through mentally at this time.

He may have some personal or family issues that he is dealing with.

In a situation like this, a part of him may want to be with you but realizes that he wouldn’t truly be able to give all of himself.

He knows that he has a number of personal issues that are weighing on him and may believe that it wouldn’t be fair to draw you into them.

He keeps your number because he hopes that at some point he will be able to get passed these personal issues and possibly date you.

However, he may take his time to do this.

You should question the value in waiting on him because there are no guarantees that he will come around to wanting to get to know you and be with you.

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