What Are Some Reasons A Guy Would Fail To Chase Someone He Likes, If He Knows That She Likes Him Too?

What Are Some Reasons A Guy Would Fail To Chase Someone He Likes, If He Knows That She Likes Him Too?A guy may be worried that the girl wouldn’t ultimately want him.

Yes, even though he knows that she likes him too, he may fail to chase her because it is hard for him to believe that they could actually be in a relationship.

The reality of actually being in a relationship with someone is a lot different than the concept of dating them.

This guy may simply believe that this girl is just not in his league or that he wouldn’t be able to deliver if the relationship ever got serious.

This is something that can easily frighten him to the point that he chooses not to chase the girl or just keeps procrastinating.

He just keeps thinking about what it would be like if he were to date the girl.

He may keep focusing on the fact that they are from different backgrounds or that they are so different in the looks criteria.

He may be so focused on the differences that he has with this girl that he becomes too afraid to chase her or move forward.

He doesn’t want to set himself up for failure.

The last thing he wants is to chase this girl that he knows likes him only to find that she is now so aware of their differences that she is no longer interested.

This is scary.

This is wasted effort.

He would much rather not take that risk.

There is also the fear that this girl may expose his weaknesses.

If he were to chase her, she would eventually be able to see through his facade.

Perhaps he is actually not as confident or arrogant as he portrays himself to be.

Perhaps he is not as talkative and extroverted as he portrays himself to be.

Perhaps he has a habit that he knows she would disapprove of once she got to know him better.

These are weaknesses that he doesn’t want revealed.

He would be too embarrassed if they were exposed.

In light of all this, he decides that it would be better not to chase this girl.

Also, a guy would fail to chase the girl that he knows likes him if he is torn between her and someone else.

There may be another girl in the picture that he also likes.

Though he may be single, he may still think about this girl often.

This other girl may actually even be in a relationship of her own.

However, he waits.

He hopes that she will leave that relationship and ultimately be with him.

He has been patient this long and every time he feels like perhaps he should move on, this girl comes back into the forefront of his consciousness somehow.

She may be a best friend or a work colleague.

This crush he has on her is strong.

The conversations he tends to have with her are not like the conversations he has with other girls or other people in his life.

They are far more intense.

He gives her priority.

As long as he cares about her more than you, he will fail to chase you and wait on her.

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2 thoughts on “What Are Some Reasons A Guy Would Fail To Chase Someone He Likes, If He Knows That She Likes Him Too?”

  1. This guy I know had an injury to his hand. I went up to talk to him about it. When he walked out, the guys who did before were laughing and smiling. Then he walked out, looked right at me and came over. We were having the conversation about the hand and I asked where he had broken it at. When I did that, he leaned in (so close that I could touch him) and showed me with his other hand where the ball had broke his hand. Did that conversation elude to anything? Interested? or was it just a conversation? We haven’t talked much, because I haven’t seen him nor do we have each other’s numbers. If I do see him again, how should I start the conversations?

  2. Hi Steph,

    There is no solid indication that the conversation eluded to anything.

    He was showing you his hand and probably trying to gain sympathy from you by leaning in so that you could get a closer look.

    Hence, based on this incident alone, there is no real indication that he is interested.

    Yes, it was most likely just a conversation.

    If you see him again, you could start the conversation by asking him if his hand is doing any better.

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