How To Drop Subtle Hints To A Guy Over Text?

How To Drop Subtle Hints To A Guy Over Text?

Give him a compliment.

Yes, you can drop subtle compliments without being too obvious about it.

Drop a subtle hint over text by complimenting him on something he is interested in or good at.

You aren’t focusing on complimenting an element of his physicality.

Rather, your focus is on something a little bit deeper, preferably intellectual.

When he expresses deep and interesting views on a specific topic, compliment him on his insight.

This is subtle.

It doesn’t go after the obvious places that people go after when they compliment someone.

It doesn’t go straight for the person’s physical appearance.

Instead, it fixates on something that makes them more of an individual.

Drop a subtle hint to a guy over text by showing an interest in what he is interested in.

Talk to him about it on a regular basis.

Learn more about that topic on your own time so that when you text him again, you show him how knowledgeable you are about it.

This gives him the impression he has something in common with you.

He believes he has found a kindred spirit.

The more you talk to him about what he loves and his interests, the more likely he feels the need to invite you to do something with him that involves that.

For example, if you have been consistently texting him about baseball, bringing up baseball games that were broadcasted on TV over the weekend and giving him a variety of stats, he is inclined to invite you to watch a baseball game with him, either at a baseball venue or another location.

He already feels a sense of connection with you and wants to share that with you face to face.

In doing this, ensure that you have a degree genuine interest in whatever topic it is.

If you were doing this only for the sake of dropping hints that you like him or want him to ask you out, he is bound to discern you are fake.

That ruins your chances of seeing him again or seeing him at all.

Drop a subtle hint to a guy over text by talking to him about relationships.

Start off by talking about your own past relationships.

Ask his opinion about something in relation to it.

The more you look at him as someone you can confide in, the more he opens up to you.

In time, he talks to you about his own past relationships.

There is a part of him that realizes you have both learned from past experiences and have grown.

This makes him enthused to talk to you.

Once he reaches this level of trust with you, asking you out on a date is imminent.


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