Should I Go For Short Girls Since I’m Short?

Should I Go For Short Girls Since I'm Short?

You should go for the girl you want whether she be short or otherwise.

When you prejudge yourself about not being able to go for a girl that is taller because you are short, you can affect your psyche in a negative way.

You will begin to look at yourself as lacking and this isn’t a very healthy mindset to be in.

Consider the possibility that you may actually be attractive to a girl who may be taller than you.

You just might.

You don’t know what this girl is looking for in a partner.

To immediately assume that she must want to date a guy that is taller than her is to make an assumption and assumptions can be very misleading.

It is easy to do it when you have something about you that you are not that happy about.

Since you aren’t necessarily comfortable with your height and may be insecure about it, you will find it easier to make assumptions based on this insecurity.

Do try not to fall into the trap of doing this.

You can’t allow your insecurities to get the best of your thoughts.

This is often what stops people from going after their dreams.

They tell themselves that they couldn’t possibly achieve it because they weren’t born in the right side of town or they don’t know the right people or don’t have the right kind of look.

They will find something that they are insecure about with themselves and use that to dissuade themselves from pursuing something that they really want out of life.

Don’t be this person.

As I mentioned earlier, you truly don’t know what any particular girl may find attractive in a guy.

You can’t truly determine what that is just by looking at her.

She may love your eyes or your smile or even your hands.

She may love the sound of your voice or your sense of humor.

She may love the fact that you listen so well and you have the biggest dimples.

She may love things about you that you have never really thought about because you are always so focused on the fact that you are short.

Most girls aren’t all about just the one thing about a guy.

Where you may be deficient in one area, she may look to something else that you have that attracts her.

In other words, girls can be attracted to multiple facets.

You will have to understand this in the dating game.

You will have to understand that you can offer a girl more. You are not the sum of your height.

Your height doesn’t define you.

Yes, there are lots of girls who prefer taller guys.


However, you shouldn’t allow your attitude to be one of defeat and acceptance.

When you only relegate yourself to going for girls that are as short or shorter than you, you may be narrowing your options to a point where you will allow yourself to get into relationships that aren’t right for you simply because you believed that you couldn’t find anyone better.

Don’t narrow your choices.

If you see a girl you want, go for her, whether she is taller or not and let the chips fall where they may.

Be willing to take the risk so that you are never left regretting that you didn’t go for what you want.

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