Is A Guy Being Sexually Inexperienced, A Deal Breaker For Girls?

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Is A Guy Being Sexually Inexperienced, A Deal Breaker For Girls?

It is a deal breaker for many.

A lot of girls prefer dating guys who are sexually experienced.

It is in their nature to want to be with a guy who satisfies them in the bedroom.

A guy who knows what he is doing in the bedroom leaves them anticipating and excited for more.

Don’t lose hope.

As long as you don’t wear your sexual inexperience on your sleeve through your body language or voicing it, you have agency.

Keep your sexual inexperience from your thoughts.

Constantly thinking about it negatively, influences how you perform in the bedroom.

The girl gets the perception that you are nervous and you have no idea what you are doing and that is a turn off.

Instead of diving headfirst into penile penetration, of which you have little to no experience, focus on foreplay.

Girls love foreplay.

This is where you have the intention of giving her pleasure.

Kissing, massages, dirty talk and cunnilingus are heavy favorites for foreplay.

Do these.

Most women experience greater pleasure and orgasms from cunnilingus than penile penetration.

Foreplay alone gets her off.

So many guys fail when they solely go for penile penetration and ignore extended foreplay.

You set yourself apart from guys when you spend the time to focus on her pleasure.

This is what buys you time with a girl.

She chooses to overlook your overall sexual inexperience when she knows you are unselfish in the bedroom and spend so much time working to give her maximum pleasure.

Never underestimate the power of foreplay.

Girls absolutely love it and compared to the actual act of sex itself, foreplay is very simple and lasts for as long as you want, as women are capable of having multiple orgasms.

This spares you the embarrassment of climaxing too quickly with penile penetration, being that you are sexually inexperienced.

Giving her multiple orgasms through oral sex wins you a ton of favor in her book, making her so much more keen to forgive the reality that you are sexually inexperienced in the act of sex itself.

Such unselfishness on your part doesn’t go unnoticed.

Most girls who experience multiple orgasms want to get back to the source sooner rather than later.

The source is you.

Don’t worry.

As time goes on, your sexual experience ensues, thanks to the confidence you are gaining in the bedroom and before you know it, your prowess at penile penetration is so much better.

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