Is A Guy Being Sexually Inexperienced, A Deal Breaker For Girls?

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Is A Guy Being Sexually Inexperienced, A Deal Breaker For Girls?

It can be.

A lot of girls prefer dating guys who are sexually experienced.

It is in their nature to want to be with a guy who can really satisfy them in the bedroom.

It leaves them wanting more.

Now, if you are a sexually inexperienced guy, you shouldn’t be wearing this on your sleeve and constantly worrying about it.

If you were to be constantly thinking about it, it would influence how you perform in the bedroom.

The girl would get the sense that you are nervous and you have no idea what you are doing and that can be a turn off.

If you are a sexually inexperienced guy, your best bet is to start off with simple foreplay. This is easy enough.

Girls love foreplay.

Whether it be kissing, massaging or flirtatious talk, it all makes her feel very good.

If you can focus on simply allowing her to enjoy the foreplay, she may absolutely have no problem with the fact that you weren’t very sexually experienced once the actual act of sex happened.

This is because she would still be on a high from the foreplay.

She may have even gotten off on the foreplay alone.

This is where a lot of sexually inexperienced guys fail with girls.

They believe that it is all about the actual act of sex itself. They get so caught up in this that it becomes all they are focused on.

When they are with the girl, instead of investing a lot of time into slow foreplay, they jump right into the sex, perform terribly and never hear from the girl again.

Never underestimate the power of foreplay.

Girls absolutely love it and compared to the actual act of sex itself, it is very simple and can last for as long as the both of you want.

Hence, patience is key.

Remember, a lot of what turns girls on is how you make them feel mentally.

When you take out considerable time to give them foreplay whether it be through touch, kissing, words, etc, they will be very mentally stimulated.

As I mentioned earlier, many girls can actually get off on that alone before the actual act of sex has been performed.

This should be your focus when you are a sexually inexperienced guy.

Focus on foreplay first and letting her enjoy the fact that you are giving her this kind of special attention.

When you can get her to feel such mental satisfaction in what you are doing, she would be a lot more willing to forgive the fact that you are sexually inexperienced in the act of sex itself.

She would remember how good you made her feel before the fact.

She would start associating thoughts of you with feelings of passion and euphoria.

This will give you the best opportunity to get her to want to see you again.

She will be patient with you and will allow you the opportunity to become more and more sexually experienced as the both of you continue to interact.

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