Would A Girl Date A Guy Who Doesn’t Drink Alcohol?

Would A Girl Date A Guy Who Doesn't Drink Alcohol?


It just depends on the kind of girl you are dealing with.

There are lots of girls out there who don’t drink alcohol either.

This kind of girl may be your surest bet.

However, a girl is typically going to like a guy for multiple reasons.

She is not typically going to focus on one element and judge him based on that.

The fact that you don’t drink alcohol isn’t necessarily a deal breaker even if she drinks alcohol herself.

You can always be the guy who is there to make sure that she doesn’t get carried away.

You can always be the one she trusts to guide her home after the fact. You can still socialize with her even though you aren’t the one doing the drinking.

A girl who is more concerned about wanting the guy to drink alcohol may not necessarily be the type who is looking for a serious relationship at this time.

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She is more interested in getting wasted and having her guy do the same.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, she may not be the right one for you.

A girl like this will often mature as time passes.

She will get tired of the endless parties where she winds up drunk with some dude that she sleeps with only to forget the next day.

She will want a more substantive relationship with a guy who is sober once she has gotten this phase out of her system.

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This doesn’t mean that you sit around waiting on her.

As I mentioned earlier, there are girls who will date you even though you don’t drink alcohol.

You can find a lot of these girls in your daily life.

Your career-driven coworkers are an option.

The girl you notice at the gym is another.

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You could even start talking to the girl that you often notice at your local cafe working hard on her laptop.

There are a number of girls who are not that into drinking alcohol either.

All it takes is the courage to bring yourself to start talking to these girls.

If you can avoid meeting them at clubs or bars, you will give yourself the best shot at finding a girl who may not even drink alcohol at all, save for on special occasions.

So, you shouldn’t assume that just about every girl drinks alcohol and would want the same in a guy.

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If you are constantly around girls who are all about partying and drinking alcohol until they are blue in the face, you should start putting yourself around other girls.

You can join a special group that is centered around a hobby, pastime or even professional goal that you love.

Girls who are passionate about other activities and goals in life tend not to get too consumed with wanting to drink alcohol the moment they get off work.

If she is goal oriented, she may be the kind who is focused on reaching those goals without the distraction of alcohol.

The more focused and mature the girl is, the more likely she will care less that you don’t drink alcohol.

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She would be able to look at other qualities that you have that far surpass any attraction towards a guy that drinks.

She may want to go beyond the surface of frivolous discussions and delve into the uniqueness of who you are.

There are girls who would certainly date a guy who doesn’t drink alcohol.

Many of them may not even drink alcohol either and may appreciate finding a guy who is likewise.

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