Does Height Matter To Ladies?

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Does Height Matter To Ladies?

Height does matter to ladies.

If asked what their ideal guy would look like, most women would describe him as tall.

Now, this doesn’t mean that ladies aren’t interested in guys who aren’t tall.

Many are.

However, the problem here typically lies in a guy who is so insecure about his lack of height that he allows that to affect how he interacts with women.

You can’t be this type of guy.

Women love confidence above all else.

Many guys around you are shorter than you and they are getting girls.

Take a look around the next time you go out.

How many shorter guys do you see with girlfriends?

You will see quite a lot.

The problem is not all about height.

Yes, a taller guy is ideal to most women but this is not the only measurement women use to judge whether they want to date a guy or not.

Think about it like this.

What criteria do you have for women?

What physical attributes do you want in a woman?

Now, think about all those attributes and ask yourself whether you would be willing to forego some if you were to meet the right type of lady that you really connected with.

The answer would most likely be a yes.

Let’s say that you like women with blonde hair.

You seem to gravitate to such women.

However, one day, a brunette starts talking to you.

She is funny and charismatic.

She has so many enjoyable behavioral characteristics.

You find her completely compelling.

What do you think you are going to do then?

Do you honestly think that you would get rid of her and not pursue anything further simply because she didn’t meet your criteria of being a blonde?

Highly unlikely.

You would look at her other attributes and tell yourself that she is actually quite a catch.

You will start to tell yourself that brunettes aren’t so bad after all.

You will essentially begin to push your mind in the direction of trying to pursue romance with her because of the connection you both had during the interaction.

Women are not all one note.

They don’t simply judge a guy by only his height and ignore all of his other qualities.

Yes, there are some who do but you probably don’t want those women anyhow.

You would want a woman who was multifaceted in her tastes.

If she was so hung up on one trait, she may be very difficult to get along with.

She may be one of those types that expects what she wants when she wants.

This can’t be all about her.

That isn’t how a healthy relationship works.

Hence, focus your energy on those women who have a broader criteria for the types of men that they like.

They may value height but they may also value character and spunk.

This is the type of woman you should want and should strive for.

However, you do need to show them that you are comfortable in your own skin.

If you are always worried about whether your height would be acceptable to women, they may sense that you lack self-love and this may push them away.

Love yourself and they will love you.

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