Do Girls Like Sensitive Guys?

Do Girls Like Sensitive Guys?

Girls like sensitive guys, to an extent.

A girl wants to be the girl in a relationship.

She wants to have moments where she gets to cry and get emotional, with her boyfriend as her shoulder to lean on.

When a guy is too sensitive and his girlfriend ends up being the one having to raise him up emotionally on countless occasions, it gets old real quick.

A sensitive guy is attractive, as it means he is in tune with his emotions and isn’t ashamed to express them.

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This makes her feel like he won’t put her through the rigors of passive-aggressive behavior when he is unhappy about something.

He is going to be clear and upright with his feelings, as opposed to letting it build up within him, leaving her guessing about why he is upset or acting strange on various occasions.

A sensitive guy is a good thing.

But, it mustn’t go overboard.

There is a difference between a guy who is open and expressive with his emotions and a guy who is an emotional wreck.

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A sensitive guy with a receptive girlfriend is his own worst enemy.

His girlfriend’s empathy and tolerance of his sensitivity misleads him into thinking he has carte blanche.

The next time he is feeling sensitive, he gets more emotional.

His girlfriend is right there for him again, without judgment.

She empathizes with him and makes him feel like his emotions count.

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He gets emboldened.

The next time he has a sensitive episode, he goes bigger.

He is profusely emotional, forcing his girlfriend to show him even greater empathy.

Her empathy and tolerance is like a drug.

All of a sudden, he is having ever-increasing sensitive episodes.

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It reaches a point where his girlfriend dreads spending too much time with him, out of the fear that he is going to have yet another sensitive episode.

She is worried about being stuck with having to empathize and comfort him for hours, when she would much rather relax and watch a movie or listen to music with him.

She is now spending less time with him and more time with her friends or with herself.

She doesn’t want to acknowledge that she is doing this, given how overly sensitive her boyfriend has become.

She doesn’t want to be the bad guy in this milieu.

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Yet, she is distancing herself further and further from her overly sensitive boyfriend.

This is where you are on an expressway to losing your girlfriend for good, and no amount of sensitive-crying is changing her mind.

This is why you mustn’t overdo sensitivity.

Girls do like sensitive guys, as it demonstrates that he has emotional intelligence, but they don’t want him to go overboard with it.

This is what makes her believe that the guy is all about sucking up all the energy in a relationship.

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Where does she go when she gets sensitive and needs emotional support?

It should be you, her boyfriend.

Yet, she hesitates to do it, as she doesn’t think you have the emotional fortitude to be her rock and give her comfort.

If anything, she fears that in the process of being sensitive around you, you become more sensitive than her and make it all about you.


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