What Are Some Simple, Subtle Ways To Make A Girl Slowly Feel More Comfortable Around You?

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What Are Some Simple, Subtle Ways To Make A Girl Slowly Feel More Comfortable Around You?

To make a girl start feeling comfortable around you, you have to be comfortable with yourself first.

There is no point in trying to slowly get a girl to feel comfortable around you when you are uncertain and uneasy with yourself.

Hence, if you feel that you are comfortable with yourself, we can begin.

Make her laugh.

Yes, this is mentioned often but it is still very true and very effective.

When people laugh, it produces endorphins in their brains.

Endorphins act as sedatives.

This ultimately affects the whole body.

This simply means that when endorphins are released, they help the body feel less stressed and more relaxed.

This is why making her laugh is so helpful in making her slowly feel more comfortable around you.

It will allow her to loosen up.

You may even notice that her body language will become more inviting.

She may lean into you or even start playing with her hair as she laughs.

These are all signs of romantic interest.

Tell her a story.

Yes, an anecdotal story that is engaging.

The more the story relates to your life experience, the better.

It should be interesting and quizzical.

In other words, it should make her want to ask questions.

If you are getting her in the frame of mind to ask questions, you are making her feel more comfortable because she is feeling engaged in what you are saying.

A good story to tell would be one that relates to what she may have just told you.

She may have told you about her pet dog and something he did the other day.

This is a fantastic opportunity to tell her a short anecdotal story about your experience with your dog on a particularly interesting day.

This helps you to build rapport with her because she will begin to relate to the fact that you both have dogs.

She will start interpreting what you are saying in her brain and will begin to automatically find similarities.

Don’t be surprised if she gets excited and says something like, “My dog did just that when we were visiting my cousins.”

Again, telling her an interesting story that relates to something she told you will make her feel more at ease with you as she will be comforted by the fact that she can relate to you.

Touch her.

Yes, touching is very effective.

Whenever you lightly touch her from time to time as you speak, you make her feel a physical connection with you.

This is best done when you have already gotten into an interesting conversation.

This way, her brain is engaged in the conversation and wouldn’t mind the occasional touch because she is feeling more and more comfortable with you.

You could also admire a tattoo on her or a birthmark and touch it while asking her about it.

Keep the touch connection for a while as she begins to tell you the story behind the birthmark or tattoo before lightly releasing it.

This kind of physical connection is very effective.

She will be focused on what she is divulging to you, not necessarily realizing that as she is allowing you to touch her, her sense of comfort around you is growing.

This also allows her to start feeling more and more at ease in your presence and safe.

This sense of ease would most likely make her look forward to being around you over and over again in the future.

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