Is It Normal For Guys Not To Text All The Time Or Am I Expecting Too Much?

It is normal for guys not to text all the time, given that this early in dating he is adverse to overdoing it.

Is It Normal For Guys Not To Text All The Time Or Am I Expecting Too Much?A guy that acts like this doesn’t want to appear too desperate this early on by texting you all the time.

He wants you to miss him, intent on giving you the impression that he has a life, and isn’t looking to text you at every opportunity.

You want him to text you more, being that you like him.

Understandably, you don’t know why he is holding back on this.

As far as you are concerned, texting you more often is how he demonstrates that he likes you.

Sadly, guys think differently.

He doesn’t want to appear to be too needy this early in dating.

To this end, the length of his texts to you at these early stages are shorter.

In essence, he doesn’t want to get too involved in a conversation over texting, wanting instead to save deeper conversations for face to face dates.

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His level of excitement at this early stage of dating is a factor too.

It is so early that he is unaware of whether you have the right amount of energy for him to go all in.

He requires a few more dates with you to get a read on your energy.

These are dates that give him a much better perception on whether there is legitimate chemistry and compatibility.

Once this is established, he is much more motivated to text you more.

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As of now, this hasn’t been established.

This uncertainty keeps him from texting as often as you would want.

Although you are already feeling a strong emotional connection with him, he requires a few more dates to get to where you are emotionally.

Yes, he is attracted to you.

This isn’t enough in the beginning.

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It motivates him to set up further dates with you and have light text conversations here and there, but it isn’t what makes him want to text you all the time.

That extra encouragement that comes with being around you and developing a stronger connection, is what he is secretly aspiring for.

Once he experiences that, and is certain that you are a girl he enjoys being around, he has a greater propensity to send you texts on a regular basis.

At this juncture, he continues to think about you.

The good vibes he had from the last date he was on with you persist.

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But he doesn’t want to get carried away with these good vibes.

So, he refrains from texting you more often.

He hopes to recapture the same energy on the next date.

Although you are anxious about his lack of texting, your task is to be patient and make yourself available.

If there is true compatibility, the number and frequency of texts you get from him are going to increase over time.

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Having someone new in his life is a new adjustment.

It’s conceivable that he hasn’t been in a romantic relationship in a while, and he has gotten used to not having to text a relationship partner.

It takes time for him to get back into the mindset that he is courting someone that has relationship potential and should make a habit of texting more frequently.

As long as he keeps asking you out on dates, it is just a matter of time before he starts texting more.

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