Is There Any Chance Of Him Being Interested Again Or Should I Just Move On?

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Is There Any Chance Of Him Being Interested Again Or Should I Just Move On?

One thing you shouldn’t be doing is spending every waking moment wondering if there is a chance of him being interested again.

The truth is, when a guy is truly interested in you, he will make moves.

He will make solid attempts to date you and court you.

Perhaps, the roots of your current relationship with this guy were not quite normal.

Perhaps, the relationship didn’t begin through courtship. It may have started in an indirect way.

As a result, the relationship really seems to be in a state of flux and disorganization.

This does happen when a relationship starts differently.

However, it still doesn’t change the fact that real interest still bodes real action.

In other words, if he is barely calling, asking you out on dates or trying to get to know you, it is highly unlikely that he is truly interested.

As the person you are, given the feelings that you already have for him, you may tell yourself that there is some interest there. After all, you can feel.

You really can.

You see the way he looks at you at times and surmise that indeed you are correct.

There has to still be some interest on his part.

Perhaps, you two even hook up from time to time.

Whenever these moments happen, you tell yourself that there is something there.

After all, why would he keep on hooking up with you if he wasn’t interested.

It is easy to make ourselves believe what we want to believe when we want something so bad.

It is a lot harder to take a step back and truly analyze a situation.

Him being interested again necessitates real action on his part.

It is not the same if he consistently responds only when you contact him.

It is not the same if he hooks up with you from time to time.

It is not the same if you two flirt and seem to have chemistry when you are around each other.

He has to be able to say to himself, “I want to know more.”

What happens when a guy wants to know more?

He will act accordingly by contacting you on a regular basis and courting you.

If you have tried to get to know him on a conversational basis and he hasn’t reciprocated, you should move on.

There is only so much you can do before you begin to come off as desperate and needy.

It really does take two people to make a relationship work.

Both people have to be equally invested in doing that.

If both people aren’t equally invested in making a relationship happen or work, someone is going to be doing most of the work.

This is almost like trying to build a house without a foundation.

Whatever you try to build will crumble.

Hence, you need to really try to be brave and understand your situation.

Understand that there is a very good chance that you like this guy a lot more than he likes you.

Yes, this can be very hard to accept but the moment you do that, the easier it will be for you to accept his lack of interest and just move on with your life.

His lack of interest is typically a good sign that he won’t put out the effort to get to know you.

The longer you hang on to the hope that he wants to get to know you, the longer it will take for you to accept the reality of your situation and move on to someone who has true interest in you.

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