How Do You Keep Yourself From Falling In Love?

How Do You Keep Yourself From Falling In Love?

Your goal should never be to keep yourself from falling in love.

If you are simply worried that you will fall in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you, you should simply avoid creating stories about this person in your head.

When you start creating stories about what it would be like to be with this person in your head, you can create the ideal fantastical relationship.

Your mind will typically go for the best result.

Once you have created the ideal mate in your mind, it is hard to break away from that.

You may not be able to allow yourself to understand that this is just a fantasy.

You may become so drawn to this fabrication that you forget that this person has flaws just like everyone else.

You will create the perfect mate and relationship in your wild imagination.

When this persists over time, it is easier for you to fall in love with the idea of this person.

The brain becomes unable to separate fact from fiction and your body begins to respond as though you are already in love with this person.

Thereby, you really do need to be aware of your thoughts and how they unfold on a daily basis.

Whenever you catch yourself creating stories in your head about this person, shut them off and direct your thoughts to something else.

This is one way you can go about avoiding falling in love prematurely.

You aren’t necessarily keeping yourself from falling in love in general with someone should that opportunity provide itself, but you aren’t being premature about it.

Remember that keeping yourself from falling in love can actually be detrimental to any future relationships you have.

You would approach each relationship out of fear as opposed to hope and this isn’t healthy for any relationship.

You would have already judged the relationship before it had a chance to develop or progress.

Yes, you should be cautious about falling in love too quickly.

However, consciously and aggressively keeping yourself from falling in love would only cause you more emotional despair and block you from a potential relationship that may have been the best one for you.

You may want to keep yourself from falling in love because you were hurt in the past.

You may have had a partner who took advantage of your love and left you bitter.

Do understand that this experience is not necessarily going to be your history, as long as you learn the right lessons from it.

You have the opportunity to meet new people.

You have the opportunity to learn from your past mistakes and apply this knowledge to your new relationships.

However, you shouldn’t use this information to judge your new partner.

Perhaps you are more cautious before falling in love.

Perhaps you give your new relationships more time before you let yourself begin to give in.

Nothing wrong with that.

Again, you shouldn’t allow the hurt that you have experienced in the past to keep you from falling in love again.

Make better decisions on the type of person you choose to date in the future.

Take your time to get to know them first.

Then open yourself up to love.

This allows you to move forward with your life and not allow the events of a bitter previous relationship stop you from being happy.

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