Should You Believe In The Term “Soulmate” In Relationships?

Believing in the term “soulmate” in relationships is fine, but don’t misconstrue its interpretation.

Should You Believe In The Term "Soulmate" In Relationships?Many people have the misconception that there is exclusively one “soulmate,” and this isn’t true.

You have a lot of “soulmates” in life.

The possibilities are endless.

People who believe there is that one “soulmate” for them spend their lives looking or waiting for that person, which is a miscalculation.

Any relationship they get into that is short of perfect doesn’t last too long, as they hop back on the soulmate bandwagon.

In their mind, that one soulmate for them is there perfect match.

Perfection defined.

Taking the time to resolve issues with their last partner is a waste of their time, as the mere existence of these issues means that they aren’t with their soulmate.

Back on the prowl they go, searching for that perfect soulmate.

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They meet someone new who is spectacular.

An incredible connection with this person is established and a committed relationship ensues quickly.

Finally, they have found their perfect soulmate.

This time around, it’s going to be better.

Fiercely, they latch onto the belief this new partner is their destiny.

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Unfortunately, this perfect and true soulmate has some anger or emotional issues.


Now, they are back on the prowl looking for the perfect soulmate.

This cycle persists until they have had multiple failed relationships and marriages.

What ever happened to that one soulmate that they were predestined to meet?

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Was this a case of bad luck?

An inability to meet that one soulmate?


There is no perfect soulmate.

Learn to accept who you are with and be prepared to work through issues that arise in a relationship.

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No relationship is free from ups and downs, and you are no exception.

People take the lazy way out when they run into issues in a relationship, convincing themselves that they chose wrong and that in ending their relationship, they put themselves back on a path to finding their predestined soulmate.

So, they never learn.

The same issues arise in each and every new relationship they are in, leading to their eventual failure.

This is an incredibly dangerous approach to relationships.

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A soulmate is a person you have found a remarkable emotional and physical connection with.

Sharing your life with them adds to your happiness.

But a soulmate isn’t without flaws.

They aren’t the answer to every one of your romantic needs.

From time to time, they annoy you, but you tolerate their idiosyncrasies and they do yours.

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This is the archetype of who you aspire to have in your life as a soulmate.

A soulmate for you is at every venue.

When you go to the grocery store, coffee shop, clothing store, vehicle registration department, concert, restaurant, etc.

You aren’t predestined to be with one soulmate, as your fate is what you make of it.

Believing in a predestined soulmate is your ticket to endless relationship failures.

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Any committed relationship you are in has the potential to be lifelong and blissful, but you have to be prepared to work through relationship issues and not run away from them in search of an idealized predestined soulmate.

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