Is It Too Fast For Me To Have Feelings For A Guy I Barely Met Like A Month Ago?

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Is It Too Fast For Me To Have Feelings For A Guy I Barely Met Like A Month Ago?

It isn’t too fast to have feelings for a guy that you just met about a month ago.

It shows that you feel a connection with him and that is a step in the right direction.

However, you do need to ensure that you don’t get so carried away with these feelings that you don’t allow the relationship to develop naturally.

When some people start dating someone else and develop feelings early, they often can’t help but act upon it.

Instead of allowing the process of getting to know each other to develop, they may force their hand at something.

In other words, they may push the relationship into intimacy too soon or they may fall in love too soon.

It is always best to practice patience.

When you are just beginning to date a guy, you may get caught up in all the physical and mental chemistry you feel with him.

Since you feel so good when you are around him, you tell yourself that this must be right.

This guy must be the right one for you simply because he makes you feel this good.

That isn’t always the truth.

How many times have you heard of people talking about their ex’s and how those ex’s turned out to be someone completely different from who they initially dated?

Many relationships have ended because of this.

You can’t really know what someone is really about until you have given dating enough time.

The more time you give it, the more likely the other person will reveal more about themselves.

You will see more of their personality.

You may get around his friends and family.

You will get a feel for the kind of people in his life.

That can also help you determine the kind of guy that you are dealing with.

Hence, practicing patience and caution is so crucial in the beginning stages of dating.

This can be hard when you have these feelings.

But, if you truly want to get a relationship out of this that is healthy and long-lasting, you will have to practice restraint.

Look to your past.

How often have you fallen hard for a guy earlier on in the dating process?

You may have a history of this.

If you do, how did those relationships end up?

They probably didn’t end that well.

That should be a cautionary tale for you.

On the flip side, if you have never had these feelings so early in past relationships, you should even be more cautious.


It’s something new.

You have no experience with it.

When you have no experience with it, it is a lot easier to make mistakes.

An unfamiliar feeling should make you take a step back and try to keep your emotions in check because you simply don’t know how far you may take it.

Build a relationship with him first. Get to know him.

Only when you have allowed yourself this kind of time will it be alright to act on those feelings.

If those feelings are mutual, you may have yourself a relationship.

Thereby, this may be the beginning of a good relationship that can become great over time as long as the both of you continue to learn about each other and appreciate each other.

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