Is It Too Fast For Me To Have Feelings For A Guy I Barely Met Like A Month Ago?

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Is It Too Fast For Me To Have Feelings For A Guy I Barely Met Like A Month Ago?

Having feelings this fast is evidence that there is a connection with him and that is a step in the right direction.

Sometimes, feelings that appear so effortlessly, after having met a guy a month ago, feel premature.

Admittedly, feelings that develop this fast causes a sense of trepidation.

When both parties are doing it right, there is no need for trepidation.

That being said, don’t get carried away with these feelings.

Beware of acting on your feelings too prematurely.

People who develop feelings this fast sometimes fall into the trap of influencing the relationship unnaturally.

In other words, they push the relationship into intimacy too soon or they fall in love too soon.

This is where you are caught up in all the physical and mental chemistry you feel with him.

Since you feel so good when you are around him, you tell yourself that this must be right.

This guy must be the right one for you, he makes you feel this good.

That is a trap.

How many times have you heard of people talking about their exes and how those exes turned out to be someone completely different from who they initially dated?

Many relationships have ended bitterly, thanks to this.

You don’t know what someone is really about until you have given dating enough time.

The added time you give it, the further you learn about this person’s temperament, history and personality.

You are around his friends and family, acquiring a stronger notion of the people in his life.

This is how you learn about this guy and who he authentically is as a person.

Giving it patience and time.

This is hard when you have these feelings.

But, when you truly want to get a relationship out of this that is healthy and long-lasting, you have to practice restraint.

Look to your past.

How often have you fallen hard for a guy earlier on in the dating process?

How did those relationships end up?

They probably didn’t end that well.

That is a cautionary tale for you.

Every fiber of your being is going to want to push this toward a relationship before its time.

Fight against this.

Most people show their best selves in the early stages of dating.

Giving it time is how you vet him properly.

This restraint works in your personal favor too.

It forces you to figure out whether you are falling this fast out of a desperate desire for love or not.

A desperate desire for love is unhealthy.

In the event, this is a man who is genuine and a great match, you end up jeopardizing the relationship and chasing him away when you inevitably exhibit clinginess and neediness.

Desperation causes unhealthy neediness, as you stifle your partner, leaving him no choice but to break up with you.

Practicing restraint means you are not being your own enemy.

A relationship that develops out of desperation is a relationship that is short-lived and fails.

One that develops from patience and restraint succeeds.

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